Sydney Sweeney Felt ‘Really Uncomfortable’ During 1 Sex Scene: ‘Ahh!’

Sydney Sweeney in a bejeweled gown on the red carpet
Sydney Sweeney | Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Sydney Sweeney has no issues filming nude scenes on ‘Euphoria’

Sweeney has long since championed

Sydney Sweeney has spoken out a lot about sex scenes and the double standard of nudity in Hollywood. The actor has shared that men are often praised for choosing to do roles that require them to be nude, while women are put down for the same choice. However, Sweeney has shared that she plans to continue to do roles that require nudity and sex scenes as long as they are true to her character and serve the project’s overarching narrative. The Washington native also hopes to change the conversation about intimate scenes and make sure actors feel safe and comfortable while performing them.

Sydney Sweeney | Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Sydney Sweeney has no issues filming nude scenes on ‘Euphoria’

Sweeney has long since championed the importance of intimacy coordinators on set. She worked with one on the first season of Euphoria and enjoyed the experience. In fact, she insisted that the same intimacy coordinator be hired when she worked on the film The Voyeurs. Despite all the discourse about how many sex scenes and nude scenes the actor has on Euphoria, the actor-producer has stated many times that she always feels comfortable on the set of the HBO show.

The actor felt very uncomfortable while filming the sex scene in ‘Nocturne’

Unfortunately, Sweeney has had some very uncomfortable experiences on set also. While speaking with NYLON, the MMA fighter shared that she experienced no small amount of discomfort while she was shooting the film Nocturne with director Zu Quirke. “The most uncomfortable scene, I would have to say, the sex scene,” Sweeney shared. “I was actually really uncomfortable. It was funny because I kept all my clothes on, but I still felt uncomfortable.”

Contributing to Sweeney’s discomfort was the fact that the sex scene was one of the first scenes she shot with the Nocturne cast. “It was also one of the first days, I believe, so I hadn’t really gotten to know anyone or [scene partner] Jacques [Colimon], and it was just diving into this random scene, I was like, ahh.”

Sweeney gets candid about bad experiences she had while filming intimate scenes

Sweeney has shared another experience where she didn’t feel safe while filming a sex scene. While speaking with the Independent, she recalled a director refusing to make changes to a script after they’d failed to communicate properly. While she didn’t explicitly name the project, some of the things she said seemed to overlap with her experience filming the sex scene for Nocturne.

“I’ve had experiences where I want to go home and scrub myself completely raw because I feel disgusting,” Sweeney recalled. “I didn’t feel comfortable with my cast mate or the crew, and I just didn’t feel like my character would be doing it. That made me even more self-conscious. I didn’t feel like I was able to speak up.”


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