Opinion: West Contra Costa labor agreement blocks schools reopening

Ten months ago, most public schools in California suddenly closed their doors because of the emerging pandemic. Students were forced into “distance learning” and parents tackled the impossible challenge of overseeing their children’s education while trying to manage jobs and other family responsibilities. Jennifer Peck  Now, as districts across the state tackle reopening, preparation for […]


A former Salesforce AI exec explains how chatbot startup Drift poached him to become its first chief product officer

Summary List Placement Conversational marketing and sales firm Drift has poached former Salesforce AI product executive Leo Tenenblat to be its first ever chief product officer, as the pandemic has boosted the need for tools that make it easier for salespeople to do their jobs digitally.  Drift makes a chatbot app that companies can embed […]


How the government will ‘thoroughly clean and disinfect’ White House furniture, door knobs, and light switches after Trump leaves

Summary List Placement When a new president enters the White House, he typically takes a seat in the afternoon of Inauguration Day at the same Resolute Desk in the Oval Office that his predecessor used that morning. Staffers swap out the last president’s toothbrush in the executive residence for the new commander in chief while […]