Map: California counties’ coronavirus tiers, and the 8 that improved since last week

The interactive map above shows the coronavirus restriction level of all California counties as of Oct. 27. Purple indicates widespread risk, red substantial, orange moderate and yellow minimal. Eight counties, all in Northern California, saw their status improved since the previous week. Purple to red: Shasta, Glenn, Mendocino Red to orange: Marin, Contra Costa, San […]


Facebook and Google are back in the spotlight ahead of key earnings and a possibly testy congressional hearing. Here’s what to expect during tech’s big week.

Summary List Placement The stakes are high this week for big tech companies, which will face tough questions from Congress just one day before many of them report their third-quarter earnings. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai will testify before the Senate Commerce subcommittee on Wednesday in a […]


7 upcoming electric pickup trucks are all promising outlandish never-before-seen features — here’s what to expect from Tesla, Rivian, Nikola, and others

Summary List Placement If all goes according to plan, we should see a slew of new electric pickup trucks hit the market over the next few years. Established makes like Ford, General Motors, and Tesla — along with upstarts like Rivian, Nikola, and Bollinger — are all racing to introduce battery-powered options to the hugely […]


Videos of Tesla’s new ‘full self-driving’ software look futuristic — but show just how far it is from full autonomy (TSLA)

Summary List Placement There’s still no such thing as a self-driving car, but you wouldn’t know that from hearing Elon Musk or Tesla talk about their latest software. Earlier this month, the company began to release a beta version of the driver-assistance program it calls “full self driving.” Despite word from Musk that the rollout […]


Colorado electric cooperatives wrangling with Tri-State rebuffed by state regulators

Rural electric associations that want out of their contracts with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association won’t be getting help from Colorado regulators. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has dismissed formal complaints by the La Plata Electric Association in Durango and Brighton-based United Power, Tri-State’s largest member. The commission voted unanimously Oct. 22 that the dispute […]