Putin critic Navalny sentenced to jail after being arrested at a Moscow airport on his way home after being poisoned

Summary List Placement Alexei Navalny, the chief critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been jailed after returning to Moscow for the first time following an attempt on his life last summer. Navalny was poisoned with Novichok nerve agent shortly before flying from Tomsk, Siberia, to Moscow on August 20. He was evacuated to Berlin […]


Some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters are at risk of being delayed if the vaccine rollout doesn’t pick up

Summary List Placement If the vaccine rollout does not pick up speed, Hollywood will likely be forced to delay some of its biggest slated blockbusters for 2021 – again. President Donald Trump’s administration forecast that, between December and January, 70 million vaccinations would be administered. As of Tuesday, only around 9 million had been administered. […]


A startup that raised $175 million to fix primary and urgent care is still struggling with what its CEO called the ‘most complex’ problem in healthcare

Summary List Placement Some of healthcare’s problems are so complex that even the most well-funded startups struggle to fix them. Carbon Health cofounder and CEO Eren Bali found out as much as his company tried to make prices for doctor’s visits, routine procedures like blood tests, and comparative prices for diagnostic tools like MRIs and […]


Tiny helpful wasps are coming to save your citrus

To prevent the spread of the devastating citrus greening disease, the California Department of Food and Agriculture is releasing thousands of flea-sized wasps into neighborhoods around Santa Clara County in January and February as part of their Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention program. The teeny wasps, called Tamarixia radiata, while harmless to humans, are highly […]