Bernie Sanders tells Stephen Colbert how Biden can appeal to his fans, calls GOP vote-curbing ‘pathetic’

Stephen Colbert got the first interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after Sanders dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on Wednesday. Sanders explained the timing of his decision said he has spoken with former Vice President Joe Biden, now the presumptive nominee. “It’s no great secret that Joe Biden’s politics are different than mine, […]


Letter: Health of homeless key to county public health

Health of homeless key to county public health Re: “To protect homeless from coronavirus, Bay Area may need to spend hundreds of millions” (, March 28): While the urgency of getting shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness remains paramount, the escalating pandemic and the lag in county-level planning call upon a new consideration of what public […]


Passover foods are being sold for for 5 times the retail price as online sellers try to profit off of coronavirus shortages

As the Jewish holiday of Passover begins this week, shoppers have reported shortages of items in grocery stores and online. Business Insider discovered similar price-gouging by online retailers on Passover foods like matzah and Kosher for Passover cakes. Price-gouging has become more common during the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected 1.4 million people and killed […]


The federal government is reportedly quietly seizing medical supplies from hospitals across the country

Hospitals in seven states say the federal government has been quietly seizing medical supply orders amid the coronavirus crisis, a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed April 7. Officials and staff at the hospitals told the newspaper they never received guidance on why the materials were taken, where they went, or when they can expect replacement […]