Time for the Pac-12 to get bold and get moving: Let teams play on Halloween if they can do it safely

The Pac-12 is having its Big Ten moment. The unified group of conference executives, presidents, athletic directors and coaches that had navigated the pandemic for six months has fractured, with deep frustration at multiple levels, sources told the Hotline. The aggravation boiled over after the presidents declined Friday to set a start date for the […]


These 5 fitness and sporting goods companies have filed for bankruptcy in 2020, as the coronavirus continues to dramatically change how Americans exercise

Summary List Placement The coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc on nearly every sector of the retail industry — including fitness and sporting goods.  A growing number of fitness companies have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy in recent months, after failing to recover from temporary government-mandated closures to gyms and indoor fitness facilities […]