Alibaba leaders deny ‘sensational’ claims made in viral Weibo post that said the Chinese e-commerce giant misreported its Singles Day sales

Alibaba executives denied claims made by a user on the Chinese blogging site Weibo that the e-commerce giant inflated sales numbers around Singles Day. Peng Mei — project manager for communications on Singles Day and PR director of Tmall, the retail site owned by Alibaba — responded to the allegations in a post on WeChat, […]


From The Morning Show to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the Most Unexpected (& Totally Delightful) Musical Moments from Television

On this week’s episode of Apple TV’s The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crudup showed off their vocal chops when they broke into a rendition of “Not While I’m Around” from the Broadway musical Sweeney Todd. Though this moment was surprisingly delightful (and full of tension) it’s always a mixture of “WTF?” and true, […]


Trump just upended 40 years of US policy toward Israel and may have shattered any hope of peace in the Middle East

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday announced the US will break from decades of policy and will no longer view Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank as “inconsistent with international law.” This marks a stark departure from the policies of previous administrations and a 1978 State Department legal opinion issued under the administration […]


Meme theft has become the norm. This high schooler is trying to change that with ‘credit flexes’ from Elon Musk and Lil Nas X.

Instagram meme pages are a fixture of internet humor, and many are run by teenagers for profit. Recently, the massive meme page belonging to “F— Jerry,” a social media company that promoted the Fyre Festival, faced scrutiny and lost hundreds of thousands of followers for reposting and profiting off of other people’s work, sometimes without […]