City renames park after former mayor

SAN LEANDRO — The city will rename a park after former Mayor Tony Santos to honor his legacy of public service. The City Council voted unanimously Monday to change the name of Grover Cleveland Park on O’Donnell Avenue to Mayor Tony B. Santos Park. Santos died April 15 at age 86. He served a total […]


‘Joker’ fans are rushing to the movie’s iconic stairs in the Bronx, but locals aren’t happy with their neighborhood being ‘exploited for likes’

“Joker” fans are rushing to an innocuous Bronx stairway to take pictures dancing as the titular character at the iconic film location. Photos published in Gothamist show posters taped to lampposts along the staircase warning visitors not to treat the community as a photo opportunity. One resident wrote on Instagram: “Constantly trying to claim and […]


Much of northern Russia is blanketed in sunlight nearly 24 hours a day for 2 months — here’s what the phenomenon looks like at every hour

Each June, St. Petersburg and much of northern Russia experience the “White Nights” phenomenon. St. Petersburg is so far north that it experiences nearly 24 hours a day of sunlight from mid-May to mid-July. Even when the sun is down — for a couple of hours after midnight — the sky is white. Toward the […]


As concerns about fake Instagram followers grow, brands are paying attention to new influencer marketing metrics like saves and comment sentiment

On Instagram, influencers can buy followers, comments, and likes on a post. So instead of using these metrics to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign, many brands are instead focusing on other metrics like saves and comment sentiment. Influencers also promote products on YouTube, and on that platform many brands want to see […]