Which delivery features are most important to consumers?

Digital has transformed retail possibilities. And with e-commerce sales growing at nearly five times the rate of brick-and-mortar sales, retailers need to find cheaper and more efficient ways to deliver e-commerce orders. But different age groups have different preferences for which delivery and fulfilment options are most important to them. Find out which delivery features […]


‘Fear TWD’ had a huge hint about Beta’s mysterious identity hiding in plain sight and ‘Walking Dead’ fans think they’ve already solved who he was before the zombie apocalypse

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” “We are the End of the World.” Ryan Hurst, who plays Beta on “The Walking Dead,” told Insider we’ll learn why his mysterious character wears a mask all the time by the season’s end. “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick may have already ruined […]


Kurdish forces strike a deal with Assad’s army as they battle an intensifying Turkish assault in northern Syria

The Kurdish-led administration in northeastern Syria announced on Sunday that it had a struck a deal with the Syrian army in order to fend off an escalating Turkish attack in the region. The Kurdish-led administration said in a statement that the Syrian army would deploy troops along the Syrian-Turkish border in order to assist Kurdish […]


Kiszla: After stomping Tennessee, Broncos are Velociraptors on the hunt, eyeing soft Chiefs as next prey

Will the real Broncos please stand up? Looking nothing like the team that began this NFL season with four consecutive losses, the Broncos tossed quarterback Marcus Mariota on the scrap heap of draft busts and blanked Tennessee 16-0, then loudly declared they’re back in the hunt with the ferocity of linebacker Alexander Johnson screeching like […]