California prison officials blasted for coronavirus outbreak; transfer of inmates from Chino to San Quentin criticized

By DON THOMPSON | The Associated Press SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers harshly criticized state corrections officials’ “failure of leadership” Wednesday, saying they botched their handling of the coronavirus pandemic by inadvertently transferring infected inmates to a virus-free prison, triggering the state’s worst prison outbreak. A third of the 3,500 inmates at San Quentin State Prison […]


Disney Plus can’t compete with Netflix when it comes to original content, but its affordable price and iconic franchises make it a great value for families

Disney Plus launched in November 2019 and has amassed more than 50 million subscribers. A monthly subscription costs $6.99 a month, while an annual plan costs $69.99 a year. The service does a tremendous job anthologizing classic Disney movies and TV shows from decades ago that haven’t been released in years and won’t be available […]


‘We are still in a deep economic hole’: 5 economists explain why the June jobs report is weaker than it appears

The June jobs report released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics beat economist estimates by showing more jobs were added than expected. In addition, the unemployment rate declined more than economists expected. Still, economists warn that the report only captures data from the first half of June, before spiking coronavirus cases led states to […]


These 8 huge games are coming to the PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox at launch, from ‘Halo’ to ‘Spider-Man’ (MSFT, SNE, ATVI, EA, UBSFY)

The next generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles are in the works, and both are scheduled to arrive this holiday season. With new consoles come new games, and we know of at least one huge launch title for each of the two big consoles: Microsoft’s got “Halo Infinite” and Sony’s got “Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” But […]


A German biotech that’s chasing a coronavirus vaccine confirmed it’s working with Tesla after Musk tweeted about developing ‘RNA microfactories’

Elon Misk, the outspoken Tesla CEO, tweeted Thursday that his company is working with a German biotech company to build “RNA microfactories.” Musk called it a “side project” for Tesla. A CureVac spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the company is working with Tesla. The spokesperson said they are developing “a prototype of an automated […]


How to host a socially distanced barbecue

Here’s a maxim for entertaining in the age of COVID-19: The only way to bring people together is to figure out how to keep them apart. So on a recent blue-skied afternoon, I stretched a tape measure to 6 feet while my husband, Daniel, arranged chairs and folding TV tables in our narrow Brooklyn backyard. […]


What makes America exceptional

New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg recently pointed out that 2020 started off like 1974 (an impeachment crisis), quickly became 1918 (a pandemic), turned into 1929 (economic crash), and then became 1968 (massive urban unrest). Any country that endured so much in so short a time would lose its way. But the fact is, despite […]