Cyberattacks have hit at least 17 targets in the US since March, from local governments and schools to major meat and oil suppliers. Here’s the full list.

Summary List Placement A growing number of cyberattacks have occurred on US businesses, local governments, and public systems since the start of 2021. These attacks usually originate from outside the US, in countries like Russia and China, experts who spoke to Insider earlier in June said. Tyler Moore, a professor of cybersecurity and information at […]


Feds charge Bay Area woman with being ‘primary drug supplier’ in meth trafficking organization

SAN FRANCISCO — Federal prosecutors here have charged three people with running a Bay Area meth ring that sold the drug by the pound, court records show. Sonia Sanchez is described by prosecutors in court records as the “primary supplier” of an “organized group” that distributed methamphetamine around the Bay Area. Her co-defendant, Steven “X […]