Don Jr. slammed Republicans who ‘lose gracefully’ and said that Trump showed ‘you can actually push back’

Summary List Placement Donald Trump Jr. criticized Republicans who “lose gracefully” to Democrats and said that his father, former President Donald Trump, showed that “you can actually push back.” Speaking on Fox News on Thursday, Trump said that more Republicans were not willing to stand up to Democrats and needed to act like the former […]


Video shows Russian diplomats pushing themselves out of North Korean on a railway trolley after COVID-19 restrictions blocked all other forms of travel

Summary List Placement A group of Russian diplomats and their families left North Korea on a railway trolley on Thursday, after the country’s ultra-strict COVID-19 lockdown blocked all other routes out. Images and video from the Russian Foreign Ministry show the embassy employees and their children whooping and waving as they moved the trolley loaded […]


Is Meghan Markle Having a Girl?

Meghan Markle is pregnant with her second child. This much we know for certain. But is the former Suits actress and ex-Royal Family member expecting a boy or a girl? This is one of the main questions floating around the Internet right now. Marke and her handsomely famous husband, Prince Harry, announced on Valentine’s Day […]


Word Game: Feb. 26, 2021

TODAY’S WORD — INFERIORS (INFERIORS: in-FEER-ee-ers: Persons lower in rank or status than others.) Average mark 32 words Time limit 40 minutes Can you find 44 or more words in INFERIORS? The list will be published tomorrow. YESTERDAY’S WORD — RAPTORS rapt rasp roar roast atop parrot part past pastor port post taps taro tarp trap tsar […]


Bridge: Feb. 26, 2021

“Trouble understanding fractions? Our help line is open 24/7.” — scrawled on a restroom wall “Half of my finesses should work,” Unlucky Louie griped to me in the club lounge. “Only a small fraction of them actually do.” When Louie was declarer at today’s four hearts, he lost the first two diamonds, ruffed the third […]


Former House Speaker John Boehner can be heard telling Ted Cruz to ‘go f— yourself’ in an audiobook recording, report says

Summary List Placement Former House Speaker John Boehner went off script while recording the audiobook of his upcoming memoir, and could be heard telling Sen. Ted Cruz to “go f— yourself,” Axios reported. Boehner’s memoir, “On The House: A Washington Memoir,” is scheduled to be released in April, and chronicles his time as Republican Party […]


Facebook might put facial-recognition tech in its smart glasses, due to launch this year — but only if it can ensure ‘authority structures’ can’t abuse user privacy

Summary List Placement Facebook is “looking at” including facial-recognition technology in its upcoming smart glasses, its head of augmented and virtual reality (VR) said Thursday. But the tech giant will only roll out the software if people want it, Andrew Bosworth said during an Instagram Q&A. He said the glasses were set to release this […]