Review: ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ uses toys to bring series to life

Video games and toys have long been on a collision course. Technology has made playthings more realistic with talking dolls, remote-controlled cars and robotic pets. Meanwhile, video games have grown more immersive, trying to stretch beyond the flat screen with better controllers and graphics. The two industries have started merging with the toys-to-life genre popularized […]


NASA is rushing to hold onto its first sample of asteroid dust before too much leaks into space: ‘Time is of the essence’

Summary List Placement NASA’s Osiris-Rex mission successfully scooped up a sample of fine dust and grit from an asteroid called Bennu on Tuesday. It was the first time NASA had ever gathered a sample from an asteroid. But the spacecraft’s sample-collecting arm seems to have gathered so much asteroid material in that maneuver that part […]