An antitrust case against Google’s search engine could be coming soon. Here’s how it could turn out, and why an $8 billion-a-year deal with Apple could be on the line. (GOOGL)

Summary List Placement The US Department of Justice could bring an antitrust case against Google as soon as next week, according to the latest reports, but one that might be more specific than expected. The New York Times reports that the Justice Department is preparing to file a case focused on Google’s dominance in search, […]


Exiled Saudi Arabian dissidents have launched a political party they hope will dethrone MBS and open the door to democracy

Summary List Placement A group of leading Saudi experts and dissidents in exile have launched a political party that they hope will spark a transition to democracy and ultimately unseat Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, ruled exclusively by members of the al-Saud family since 1932. The self-styled reformer crown […]


Read the text message 2 cofounders sent to friends and family that landed $128,000 to kick off their startup’s funding round

Summary List Placement Founder Andrew Luong knew that he and his business partner, Justin Kasad, were onto something with their startup idea, Doorvest. The company helps users own high-yield, single-family rental homes by streamlining the process of researching, acquiring, renovating, and then renting a property. When the two decided to raise funds, they knew they wanted […]


Santa Cruz County nurse arrested in connection with 2004 fatal stabbing of his stepdaughter

WATSONVILLE — Police have arrested a Pelican Drive nurse in connection with a cold-case Florida fatal stabbing dating back 16 years. Raul Mata  The Watsonville Police Department assisted Miami-Dade Police Department in tracking down Raul Mata, 46, and joined with Santa Cruz Police Department to carry out his arrest Monday night, officials announced Thursday. Based […]


Big Brother Recap: A Legend Returns!

Big Brother’s terrible “All-Stars” season continued Thursday in predictable fashion.  The episode picked up following Da’Vonne’s speech in which she called out the men of the house, including David. Her drive to stay in the game has diminished in recent weeks, largely because she knows a large alliance is running things.  However, she wanted to make […]