What is Audible Live? Everything you need to know about the audiobook platform’s celebrity interview series

Summary List Placement Audible is so much more than an audiobook and podcast platform.  The success of the Amazon-owned company has made it a significant player in the publishing world, and it’s taking complete advantage of that with a newer offering: Audible Live.  You may have come across announcements for or even recordings of live […]


Demi Lovato irks fans by calling gender reveal parties transphobic

A resounding number of self-described Demi Lovato fans objected to her Instagram post that said expectant parents were unknowingly spreading transphobia by hosting gender-reveal parties. The 28-year-old singer posted a lengthy message, originally shared by writer, artist and transgender rights activist Alok Vaid-Menon, that offered to shed light on why gender reveal parties are harmful […]


Over a dozen GOP House members cited ‘the ongoing health emergency’ to skip in-person voting while they spoke at CPAC

Summary List Placement Over a dozen members of Congress speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, this weekend designated other members to vote on their behalf while they’re gone while citing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Active proxy letters filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives show that 13 GOP representatives who spoke […]


People who had COVID-19 develop strong immunity after a single vaccine dose — so they might need only one shot

Summary List Placement Both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s coronavirus vaccines require two shots: a prime dose, followed by a booster.  The initial shot should trigger the production of antibodies to the virus for the first time. By the time we get a booster, our bodies should mount an even stronger immune response. That explains why some […]