Reports say Prince William and Kate Middleton’s $89 budget flight was flown over 100 miles to meet them, creating tons of extra carbon emissions

The budget airliner that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge rode during a trip to visit the Queen in Scotland was flown over 100 miles to meet them, according to reports from the Daily Mail and The Scotsman. The royal couple and their children were scheduled to fly on an Eastern Airlines flight, but […]


WeWork: Startup mania reaches its apex

The smartest insight and analysis, from all perspectives, rounded up from around the web: Get ready for the most polarizing initial public offering of the year, said Dan Primack at Axios. Among the most highly hyped of the multibillion-dollar startup “unicorns,” We​Work filed the prospectus for its long-awaited IPO last week, raising expectations that the […]


One market expert says flashing recession signals mean 3 years of negative returns for stocks — but he has a strategy that could still make investors a killing

Cam Harvey — partner and senior advisor at Research Affiliates — ran an analysis averaging stock-market returns for the three years preceding the past seven yield curve inversions. He also did the same for the three-year periods afterwards. An inversion of the two- and 10-year yield curve has preceded every recession since 1950. Harvey advocates […]


Word Game: Aug. 24, 2019

TODAY’S WORD — MASTERY (MASTERY: MAS-tuh-ree: Full control of a subject of study.) Average mark 40 words Time limit 45 minutes Can you find 52 or more words in MASTERY? The list will be published Monday. YESTERDAY’S WORD — INFATUATE naif neat faint fate fatten faun fauna feat feint feta fiat fine ante anti attain […]


Bridge: Aug. 24, 2019

“Simple Saturday” columns are meant to help aspiring players improve technique and develop logical thinking. A common theme in dummy play is combining various chances for your contract. You can complain about your luck only if you try everything and nothing works. In today’s deal, North roars into six diamonds despite South’s lack of encouragement. […]


Horoscopes: Aug. 24, 2019

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Rupert Grint, 31; John Green, 42; Dave Chappelle, 46; Cal Ripken Jr., 59. Happy Birthday: Face choices head-on to forge ahead. Stick to tried-and-true methods and to people you know are reliable. Make positive changes that are planned and executed with finesse. Know what and who you are up against, […]