An ex-girlfriend tipped off the FBI about an alleged US Capitol rioter after he called her a ‘moron’

Summary List Placement A Pennsylvania man was outed by his ex-girlfriend after trying to stop Congress from recognizing President Joe Biden’s election victory, according to court documents. The woman may have decided to tip off law enforcement after being insulted. “If you can’t see the election was stolen, you’re a moron,” Richard Michetti texted his […]


A Salesforce manager says she quit over a ‘culture of rampant microaggressions and gaslighting’ — the second Black woman to publicly resign from the firm this month

Summary List Placement Recent criticism over Salesforce’s diversity and inclusion efforts have continued as Vivianne Castillo, a manager in the firm’s design research and innovation unit, publicly announced her planned departure at the end of February. In a resignation note originally shared with fellow Salesforce employees in mid-February and posted publicly on LinkedIn on Wednesday, […]


In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A poised for drive-thru duel on the streets of Lone Tree 

The line stretched for blocks — manned by cops in reflective vests and corralled by orange cones — each vehicle carrying hungry customers to In-N-Out’s newest Colorado location for a sampling of the California burger joint’s Double-Double with Animal Fries. Across the street, a steady stream of motorists encircled a Chick-fil-A, in a double-lane drive-thru […]