This week’s best credit card deals and welcome bonuses can get you up to $1,200 in flights, $750 in cash back, or $1,000 in travel miles

 Summary List Placement This week, Chase launched increased welcome bonuses on all three Southwest personal cards: Up to 80,000 points (50,000 points after you spend $2,000 on purchases in the first 3 months ,and an additional 30,000 points after you spend $10,000 on purchases in the first 9 months). The current elevated 75,000-point offer on […]


Where to buy toilet paper online

  Summary List Placement As a reaction to the novel coronavirus, many people are have been stocking up on toilet paper, causing shortages and price gouging at both online and brick-and-mortar stores.  Though we don’t encourage panic buying and hoarding, we have been able to find affordable purchase options for toilet paper online.   As of […]


Why setting up a life insurance trust for your child is better than naming them as your beneficiary — especially if they’re a minor

 Summary List Placement Naming a minor child as your life insurance beneficiary is not recommended, because life insurance policies cannot make a distribution to a minor child. It is best to establish a trust for your child and name the trust as the beneficiary of your life insurance. You will need to hire an estates […]


TELECOMS AND VIRTUAL REALITY: How telecoms can move beyond connectivity and up the VR value chain to grab a slice of the $24 billion revenue opportunity by 2026

Summary List Placement This is a preview of the Telecoms and Virtual Reality research report from Business Insider Intelligence. Purchase this report. Business Insider Intelligence offers even more technology coverage with Connectivity & Tech Pro. Subscribe today to receive industry-changing connectivity news and analysis to your inbox. While VR headset adoption has lagged behind expectations due […]


Get Your Holiday Shopping Done With These Black-Owned Jewelry Brands

In Black culture, the significance of jewelry runs deep. Whether it’s larger-than-life hoops, liquid gold Cuban links, and vivacious rings complementing our outfits or intricately hand-beaded necklaces, vibrant Fulani earrings, and elegant gemstones adorning our skin, the symbolism is there. So, needless to say, these valuable, artisan-made jewels are the perfect gift to give this […]


A Google Cloud director says seeing Amazon embrace hybrid cloud is like ‘watching the Flat Earth Society realize the Earth is round’ (GOOG, GOOGL)

Summary List Placement For years, Amazon largely ignored — or even trashed — the idea that its cloud customers would use a hybrid cloud approach, meaning that they would use the public cloud as well as private data centers for their applications and storage. In the past, AWS even banned partners from using the term […]