Just as Australia’s deadly fires begin to subside, it’s being hit with more apocalyptic weather. Photos show enormous dust storms and golf-ball-sized hail battering cars and buildings.

Heavy storms hit southeastern Australia on Sunday and Monday local time. The rainfall helped relieve some of the areas affected by bushfires, according to the BBC, but the severe weather caused damage in other ways. Golf ball-sized hail stones battered cars and buildings in the country’s capital on Monday afternoon local time. And on Sunday, […]


Elon Musk refused to break out his dad dancing after the Crew Dragon’s successful safety test, but promised to bring it back after the spacecraft’s launch

Elon Musk declined to dance after SpaceX’s Crew Dragon aced a safety test on Sunday, but said he will do a special performance when it launches. Reporters at a press conference pleaded with Musk, but the SpaceX and Tesla founder said he had to “work on my skills.” Musk then joked he wasn’t a “dancing […]


CASE STUDY: How Goldman Sachs changed the retail banking game — by entering it (GS)

Digital-only banks are redefining retail banking in major markets around the world. Spurred on by consumer frustrations with incumbents and growing willingness to use digital channels for accessing financial services, these tech-savvy players have acquired customers at pace and ramped up pressure on established firms. In the US, these challengers got off to a slower […]


The strongest case for Joe Biden

I’m not thrilled with the prospect of Joe Biden winning the Democratic nomination and becoming president, and I know no one who is. That doesn’t mean I hate him. It’s just hard to get truly excited by a guy who’s a milquetoast moderate, prone to embarrassing gaffes and verbal flubs, and showing undeniable signs of […]


A video of medics in Hazmat suits scanning plane passengers for China’s mysterious Wuhan virus is stoking fears of a global epidemic

A video of medics in Hazmat suits scanning dozens of plane passengers for the symptoms of a mysterious, fatal virus spreading across China is stoking fears of a global epidemic. China is desperately trying to prevent the spread of a mysterious, deadly coronavirus named 2019-CoV, or the “Wuhan virus.” Not much is known about the […]


Snap CEO Evan Spiegel made a bold call that TikTok could become bigger than Instagram because it focuses on talent and not likes

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told the DLD conference in Germany on Sunday that short-form video app TikTok has an edge over Instagram because its content is driven by “talent” rather than a quest for social status. Consequently he said the app could grow faster and become bigger than Instagram, which dominates social media apps along […]


A Trump impeachment lawyer says he will defend the president by arguing that even if he did abuse his power, he hasn’t committed any actual crimes

Alan Dershowitz, who is one of the team of attorneys who will defend President Donald Trump during the impeachment trial, set out his core argument in interviews with CNN and ABC News Sunday. Dershowitz will argue that abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — which are the offenses Trump was impeached for — are […]