Rolls-Royce is now selling a $27,000 miniature replica of its $330,000 SUV complete with working lights and ‘bespoke’ details

The 1:8-scale Rolls-Royce Cullinan replica is made from over 1,000 pieces. It takes 450 hours to assemble. It reportedly costs between $17,100 and $36,500. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. If you were freaked out by the above press photo just now, don’t worry. Rolls-Royce hasn’t suddenly hired a team of white-gloved giants to […]


Microsoft’s ‘trailblazing’ plan to solve climate change will create a lucrative new market, Morgan Stanley says

Microsoft shared some details of its plan to become a carbon negative company in 10 years with Morgan Stanley. Microsoft plans to invest enough in green technologies and initiatives that by 2050, it’s removed from the environment all the carbon emitted by its operations between its founding in 1975 and today. Microsoft is charging its […]


Steph Curry and Zoom CEO Eric Yuan just backed her college financing startup, and now this immigrant founder is tackling students’ financial hardships brought on by COVID

Amira Yahyaoui founded Mos, an education startup helping college students apply for and manage financial aid, near the end of 2017 after experiencing the hardships many students feel throughout the application process. The company has raised $17 million from investors like Sequoia Capital, basketball star Steph Curry, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, and Jay Z. Mos […]


After 100,000 coronavirus cases, it’s clearer where Californians are getting infected

After two-and-a-half months of lockdown restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s become clear where Californians are most at risk. Longterm care homes for the elderly, jails and prisons, food processing plants and social gatherings appear to be the main culprits for repeated outbreaks. And as communities begin lifting restrictions on churches, schools and […]


New York City’s average life expectancy may have dipped by 5 years due to the coronavirus. Here’s how that compares to past epidemics.

Coronavirus deaths from March to May caused New York City’s life expectancy to decline by 5 years, according to a recent analysis. By comparison, the 1918 flu pandemic resulted in a 12-year decline in life expectancy in the US. Life expectancies can rebound quickly after an epidemic, depending on the length of the outbreak. Visit […]