The Boys star ‘nearly had panic attack’ before filming shocking octopus sex scene

Chace Crawford plays The Deep in the Amazon Prime series The Boys.

The Boys star Chace Crawford has spoken about his nerves filming a sex scene with an octopus (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

The Boys star Chace Crawford has admitted he was close to suffering a panic attack when filming a sex scene with an octopus.

The actor, 38, played Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl from 2007 until 2012, before going on to join the Amazon Prime satirical superhero series The Boys in 2019.

In it, he plays Kevin Moskowitz/ The Deep, who possesses aquatic telepathy and amphibious physiology.

The show has shocked viewers with several jaw-dropping scenes over its four seasons, however Chace has now spoken about one that aired last year in which his character got it on with a mollusc.

In the now-infamous season 3 episode Herogasm, The Deep met and hooked up with octopus Ambrosius during an annual orgy party for Supes.

Unsurprisingly, when first reading the script, the actor was slightly nervous about how it would all unfold.

The shocking moment happened in an episode that aired last year (Picture: Amazon Prime)

Chace has said he ‘would have’ had second thoughts about signing up to the series if he’d known about how his character would eventually get it on with an aquatic creature.

‘It’s so funny and brilliant now, but when that came up, I was like, “Oh God, how’s this going to work?”,’ he said.

After the intimate scenes were devised by showrunner Eric Kripke, Chace said he was ‘in total denial’ about getting in bed with an octopus in front of the cameras.

‘And then it got 24 hours out from the first day I had to shoot it and I almost had a panic attack,’ he revealed.

The actor has said he ‘almost had a panic attack’ (Picture: Prime Video)

‘I called Kripke — he’s so great. He’s got a million things going on but his door’s always open. So, I was worried about the scene. I’m like, “How are we gonna do this? What are the angles gonna be? How naked do I have to be?” He changed one shot for me. And it was great,’ he added when speaking to Rolling Stone.

Although the series has an intimacy co-ordinator for sex scenes, they were not used for the octopus one.

‘But they treated it like, “quiet everyone, clear out” – a closed set,’ he explained.

‘But yeah, just the act of picking up the octopus and getting a wet octopus in the bed was so funny and weird. And then it doesn’t come out for a year almost, and you’re like, “How is this going to be received?”.’

Chace has said ‘everyone loved’ the wild scene despite his initial concerns (Picture: AP)

Luckily, as Chase put it, ‘everyone loved it’, with the actor recently being approached by someone in his gym who had dressed up as The Deep and added an octopus to the costume in a nod to the wild scene.

He added that while he ‘get ragged on a bit’, he didn’t mind.

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