‘RHOP’: Fans Think This 1 Moment Solidified Karen Huger’s ‘Icon’ Status

The Real Housewives of Potomac OG Karen Huger, also referred to as the Grande Dame, quickly made her mark on the newer Bravo installment when she debuted on the show in 2016. Many fans have declared her an “icon” following seven seasons, with some insisting one early moment officially solidified her status.

Karen Huger declared a Housewife ‘icon’

Following her birthday party at the beginning of season 1, Karen Huger confronted Gizelle Bryant for sitting at the center of the table during the celebration. “You’re not the honorary,” she added.

Bryant wondered why it mattered since Huger was the “diva extraordinaire” and should shine regardless of where she sat. In a confessional, the Grande Dame admitted she finds Bryant “irritating” although she likes the OG Housewife.

We PULLED UP! #rhop ? pic.twitter.com/NjqDhT9DlW

— Karen Huger (@KARENHUGER) May 16, 2022

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Claiming it’s her “responsibility” to teach Bryant manners, Huger gifted her a mirror-clad plaque containing five rules of etiquette when attending a party. Bryant laughed, referring to herself as a “good sport,” and began reading through it.

However, it got a little heated, and Huger accused her co-star of stealing the spotlight. Bryant started ignoring her by checking her reflection in the mirror, causing Huger to walk away eventually. Instagram account The Peach Report posted a clip of the memorable exchange, declaring it as the moment when Huger became an “instant Housewife icon.” 

Many fans think an early interaction with Gizelle Bryant solidified Huger’s ‘icon’ status

Several fans agreed with the user as many commented their favorite quip from the interaction, including “people come for me all the time, they just don’t find me” and “I’m just checking you, hold on.”

Another pointed to her “move their fake hair left and right” comment as a moment when she became the “queen” of the show, and someone else enjoyed how Huger closed her read by claiming, “I’m just saying, check yourself.”

“Of course not” –@KARENHUGER ??? #rhop https://t.co/neSazW9oFa

— Monique Samuels (@iammrssamuels) December 28, 2020

Others appreciate their dynamic, referring to them as the “best frenemies duo in the franchise,” as some think the moment helped the series get the green light for a second season.

Additionally, one fan declared the OG as a “top five Housewife across all franchises.”

Huger has a conflict with Charrisse Jackson Jordan during ‘RHOP’ Season 7

Throughout her first six seasons on RHOP, Huger has had drama with a few cast members, namely Bryant. They have known each other for the longest and frequently do and say things to bother one another.

For example, Bryant made fun of the Hugers’ tax situation during the first season, and the Grande Dame accused her cast member of faking a romance with her ex-husband Jamal. Additionally, Huger had good friendships with Candiace Dillard and former cast member Monique Samuel.

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