‘Physical 100’: Miracle Nelson Breaks Down the Camaraderie of the Competiton Series: ‘It Was Just About Having Fun’ [Exclusive]

Male contestants during The Tail of Ouroboros challenge on 'Physical 100.'

Fans have praised Netflix‘s Physical 100 for its supportive environment among its competitors. While the 100 contestants fight through challenges to reach the finale, they all rooted for one another until the end. Contestants like Kim Sik sacrificed their chances of winning for the greater good of another teammate. In an exclusive interview with Miracle Nelson, he breaks down the developing friendships, sportsmanship, and camaraderie they experienced on Physical 100 series.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Physical 100 finale.]

Male contestants during The Tail of Ouroboros challenge on ‘Physical 100’ | via Netflix

The contestants of ‘Physical 100’ cracked jokes, had fun and supported each other

Competition series have, for a long time, been saturated with envy, brutal competition, and frequently malicious intent. But Physical 100 series deviated from what fans expected as the contestants were not out for greed or bragging rights. Instead, they wanted to prove their physiques and bring awareness to their sports. During the Physical 100 finale, Park Jin-yong explained he joined the series to inspire a greater interest in luge and its athletes. As a dancer who became a bodybuilder, Miracle explains, “I tried my best to represent the dance community well.”

Fans were blown away by the kindness the contestants showed each other while on the series. While some members felt the friction of doing what was necessary to win, they all rooted for each other. Even from the sidelines, the contestants would shout words of encouragement and “Hwaiting,” a commonly used Korean word to instill confidence and is borrowed from the English word “fighting.”

There were many impressive moments of selfness. Fans could not help but notice how A-reum allowed her teammates to pick their preferred challenges, knowing she lacked the skillset. Bo Mi-rae also chose the dreaded Atlas challenge on Physical 100, knowing her teammates could persevere in the other challenges.

During the Physical 100 finale, it was an emotional moment when one of them commented, “Let’s cheer them on loudly enough for them to hear.” Woo Jin-yong and Hae-min heard their shouting as they battled to become a winner. Realizing they could hear them, the contestants shouted with enthusiasm.

Miracle says ‘Physical 100’ had a friendly environment from the start

Physical 100 series has already impressed fans with its unique challenges and camaraderie. Miracle explained, “Yeah, it was a really friendly environment. Even on my one-on-one match with the taekwondo guy, it was just about having fun and playing a safe game really.” He is referring to the match against Taekwondo national athlete and high schooler Kim Byeong-jin.

Byeong-jin was the youngest competitor of Physical 100. He went up against Miracle during the first elimination challenge. Fans were enamored with their goofy antics during the match as they gave each other heart signs. Miracle was ultimately the winner of the challenge. While fans saw the developing friendships between the contestants, behind the scenes was just as fun.

“Behind the scenes, we all ate together and played together on my …read more

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