Pensioner scrawls ‘selfish cow’ in lipstick on woman’s car window

Alx Chibouni was inside the car with her two-year-old child (Picture: SWNS)

Alx Chibouni was inside the car with her two-year-old child (Picture: SWNS)

A Devon woman had her car branded with ‘selfish cow’ in pink lipstick during a heated parking row.

Alx Chibouni, 38, was parked in a loading bay with her two-year-old child around 10.30am on Wednesday in Fore Street, Topsham.

An elderly woman then approached the car.

Alx claims the pensioner then knocked on the passenger window and hurled abuse at her- saying she shouldn’t be parked there.

The mum-of-two alleges she wound up the window to avoid the shouting and started her car with the intention of leaving the loading bay.

She was then astounded to see the older woman had written ‘selfish cow’ on the passenger window.

Alx, the owner of Arthurs Butchers and Delicatessen said: ‘I own the butchers shop across the road and I couldn’t pull outside the butchers because there was a removal van parked there.

‘She kept knocking and knocking and knocking.’

The words ‘selfish cow’ were scrawled onto the car window (Picture: Alx Chibouni/SWNS)

Alx decided not to report the incident but worries what would have happened if she targeted someone else.

She added: ‘I was angry. Life is tough enough at the moment- you’re stomping on someone when you do that. I felt so small.

‘I used window lean to get the ‘selfish cow’ off but there is still grease there.

Alx says the incident reflects just how much anxiety there is regarding parking in the Topsham area (Picture: Alx Chibouni/SWNS)

‘I had to wait there to get deliveries I was only there for all of seven to 10 minutes.

‘We’re a family run local little business, I just wish people were kinder.’

According to DevonLine, parking problems in Topsham are not uncommon due to a lack of spaces.

Alx told the outlet: ’It is so difficult to park in Topsham. I would say nine times out of 10 I can’t park outside my shop and they don’t give business permits at all in Topsham, only permits for residents, so we can’t even get permission for our van to load and unload so it’s really difficult. The situation is ridiculous.

‘You do get some people using the loading bays when they shouldn’t but I was within my right to be using it.

‘The parking situation in Topsham is pushing people out of town to shop in other places.’

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