Olaplex Just Launched The Product Everyone Has Been Asking For

For a hair-care brand, Olaplex has a lot to offer. It’s a label best known for its hero mask (the reparative No 3 Hair Perfector), but there are conditioners, serums, oils, and an aerosol dry shampoo as well. However, what’s new to the Olaplex label falls into a product category that we almost can’t believe that the brand — known for damage repair — waited until 2023 to release: a heat protectant.

This is not just any average heat protectant that acts as a spray-able insurance policy when hitting your hair with high heat. This blowout spray promises good hair: lightweight volume (think bouncy blowout minus the rollers), protection from heat and humidity (cuts frizz) for soft hair that stays that way without having to layer on additional serums, oils, gels, or flyaway creams. For summer, it sounds like a magic bullet styling product.

Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist

Heading into the thick of July, our editors were excited to test drive the new $30 blow dry mist to see how it compares to other Olaplex products and other heat protectants we’ve tried. Find our reviews, organized by hair type and texture, below.

If you have short, thick hair:

“I recently had quite a few inches chopped off my hair, so it’s in a sort of flipped, French bob style. I went short for a reason: I’m too lazy to style it. I simply apply a hair cream throughout my lengths and rough-dry on medium heat. But I want more structure to my hair. Could this be the answer? This is both a volumizer and a heat protector, so I spritzed it through towel-dried hair and rough-dried like usual. Somehow, it cut my blowdrying time in half and I was surprised by just how much volume and texture it lent my strands. Is there such a thing as too much? I had to use a bristle brush to tease the flipped over section into shape, but this took mere seconds. If your hair is too soft or slippery and it falls flat after styling, this is for you. My hair kept its shape for almost eight hours and I didn’t need to use any hairspray. My ends did feel a little dry, though, so next time I’m going to use it in conjunction with a moisturizing cream or serum. Thankfully, it’s not humid in London right now, but I’m adding it to my vacation stash to see if it really does shield against frizz like the label says.” –Jacqueline Kilikita, Deputy Beauty Director


If you have long, fine hair:

“No offense to Olaplex, but I don’t use their products. I don’t color my hair and I only heat style it gently (using the round brush attachment on the Dyson Airwrap) once, maybe twice a week, so it’s not damaged. Plus, I’m wary of any product that’s going to add weight or make my fine hair feel sticky, which often happens with bond builders, like the Olaplex conditioners and masks. However, …read more

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