Games Inbox: Xbox Game Pass flaw, The Last Of Us Part 1 cash grab, and Bloodborne disappointment

Xbox Game Pass collage

Can Game Pass influence you to play less games? (pic: Microsoft)

The Tuesday letters page enjoys some Monster Hunter Sunbreak in the summer sun, as a reader dreams of an Xbox/PlayStation crossover console.

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Everything and nothing
The Xbox Series X has been transformative. The single most powerful piece of computer hardware I’ve ever owned, the console I’ve spent the most time playing (and I’ve owned them all), and yet this console, along with Game Pass, has destroyed all interest in modern gaming for me.

It starts in the high street store. I browse the shelves, looking for a game to buy, when I see games for £50 that I know I have at home on Game Pass. It makes me ask, what am I shopping for? I should go home and play the 90 Game Pass titles I haven’t looked at. But I go home and play the same handful of games. It’s like loading Netflix, browsing for 10 minutes then sticking Fawlty Towers on again.

Game Pass offers so much choice that I can’t be bothered with any of it, so I fly a plane in Flight Sim for 15 minutes before loading up Netflix. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of Better Call Saul more than any forthcoming game. My console has become a video player.

I can’t get it straight in my mind why having Game Pass, a genuine bargain putting over 100 games at your fingertips, has created such apathy. But the anticipation of a new release, followed by the launch day disk purchase feels so real and tangible to me, and for whatever reason, the incredible choice on offer has left me staring at a long list.

If I install one, it has five minutes to utterly get my attention, or I try something else. It’s ruined it. When games are £50, you buy one and play it. When you have them all, you barely play anything.

Out of the game
Maybe it’s just me but the idea of The Last Of Us Part 1 being a cash grab is the least of my concerns with it. Obviously Sony want it to make money but as GC said, the primary reason is as a tie-in to the TV show. What upsets me, and I think a sizeable number of fans, is that it’s taking up so much of Naughty Dog’s time. That and a stupid live service game that nobody wants.

That’s not going to be out until at least next year, which means it’s going to be absolutely ages till we see anything of a ‘proper’ new game. That to me is the real shame in all this, that one of the world’s best developers is putting itself out of the game for so long. The Last Of Us Part 2 was 2020 and this means we won’t get a major new game out of them until 2024 at the very earliest, …read more

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