12 EastEnders icons who must return for Dot Cotton’s funeral

Ian Beale, Carol Jackson, Max Branning and Nigel Bates could return to EastEnders for Dot Cotton's funeral

The emotional goodbye is likely to receive a lot of tributes from faces old and new (Picture: Metro.co.uk/BBC)

EastEnders is set to screen an emotional farewell to one of its most beloved characters when the funeral of Dot Branning, better known as Dot Cotton (June Brown), is broadcast in the near future.

Show boss Chris Clenshaw has promised a ‘fitting tribute to both June and Dot’, and one that he feels “the audience deserves”.

So might the funeral of Walford’s iconic gossip result in some famous faces returning to the Square? Dot’s associations stretch far and wide, so here’s our dream list of mourners we’d like to see make the journey to E20 to say their goodbyes:

Colin Russell

Dot’s prejudices often surfaced in her interactions with Colin (Picture: BBC)

The presence of the openly gay Colin Russell (Michael Cashman) in the 1980s served as a reminder that Dot wasn’t an entirely sympathetic character. Indeed, her prejudices often surfaced in her interactions with Colin, most recently when he returned in 2016 with news of his wedding. Thankfully, Dot chose to attend, so it would make sense for Colin to now be paying his respects.

Nigel and Clare Bates

Rumpled Nigel (Paul Bradley), with his lairy shirts and ties, is one of Dot’s best-remembered lodgers and became a kind of de facto son to her. And despite him not having been a fixture in the Square since 1998, Dot had been known to pay Nigel an occasional off-screen visit. So, both he and his daughter Clare (Gemma Bissix) would certainly be welcome returnees.

Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb

A bit of a stretch, but this is EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

OK, so this one may be a bit of a stretch as it was all-but-confirmed that Fatboy met his maker in a car crusher. But we didn’t actually see his body, which gives EastEnders a small amount of wriggle room when it comes to resurrecting Fats. If we see a wreath of flowers spelling out “Mrs B”, we know who the sender will be…

Ian Beale

Now would be the ideal time for absent Ian to come home (Picture: BBC)

There are few surviving characters whose association with Dot is as long standing as Ian’s. And with actor Adam Woodyatt having also held his co-star June Brown in high esteem, Dot’s send-off would be the ideal opportunity for Ian to resurface. Also, we’ve missed the old schemer and need him back where he belongs.

Charlie Cotton

Surely, the most obvious choice? (Picture: BBC)

Of all the possible comebacks, Charlie’s (Declan Bennett) would be the most obvious, as Dot had been living with her grandson in Ireland since her abrupt departure from London back in 2020. And he could, of course, bring with him a member of the Cotton clan who we’ve never been given the opportunity to get to know: son Matthew, who’d now be aged seven.

Carol Jackson

After marrying Jim Branning, Dot acquired a whole new branch to her family tree, with one notable part being her stepdaughter Carol. …read more

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