Friends legend turned down Indiana Jones role before Harrison Ford was cast

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones stole our hearts as Indiana Jones (Picture: Paramount)

One of the biggest film franchises could have been very different, thanks to TV detective Magnum PI.

Harrison Ford made his debut as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, in 1981, and has never looked back, leading the way in a further four films.

However, it turns out that Tom Selleck was originally set to take on the role of the iconic adventurer before turning the job down.

Opening up about his career in an extract from his memoir, You Never Know, the actor – who has since starred in Friends, Blue Bloods and Three Men and a Baby – revealed that he chose to lead the way on Magnum PI instead.

In the book, published in May, the 79-year-old explained that he read for Indiana in front of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, but didn’t feel hugely nervous at the time – he was more worried about whether the pilot for his series would work out.

‘I got there, and Steven was quick to greet me, gave me the pages for the test, told me not to worry and to take all the time I needed,’ he penned, via People Magazine. ‘There was wardrobe waiting for me. The hat and leather jacket helped me understand the period.’

Tom Selleck was very nearly our Indy (Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Tom appeared as Magnum PI for eight seasons (Picture: Getty)

Unsurprisingly, Tom impressed the pair and nailed the audition, with the Hollywood legends handing him the role soon after.

‘I think it was Steven who told me. George had always been kinda quiet. Always thinking, taking things in. But I think I detected at least the hint of a smile on his face,’ he continued. ‘Look, I don’t have a clue how I responded. I hope at least I said thank you [sic].’

Tom was given the entire script and connected to Indy’s character immediately, branding the entire thing ‘fantastic’ – but shared that he was still waiting for an update on Magnum PI.

‘All of this was going to be, how do I put it, complicated. Extremely complicated,’ he added. ‘But hey, I had George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on my side. And, of course, I had my trusted A-team in place, Skip and Bettye.’

The actor led the way as the iconic private investigator (Picture: CBS)

He also starred as Richard Burke on Friends (Picture: NBC)

While he was considering the role, Magnum PI was officially picked up, and he was due to begin shooting the CBS series immediately, meaning Harrison Ford was drafted in for Indy.

And the rest, of course, is history.

Tom starred as Thomas Magnum for eight seasons before the series ended in May, 1988.

Following this, he also delighted audiences as Monica Geller’s former partner, Richard Burke, in 10 episodes of Friends, portrayed Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods for over a decade, and had a recurring role as …read more

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