Makeup artist finds maggots in Palo Alto hotel room, asks Twitter followers to ‘avenge’ her when denied refund

Makeup artist and online personality Hayley Johnsen says she wants a refund from the Palo Alto Inn after finding her room infested with maggots.

PALO ALTO — A makeup artist and internet personality says her stay at a boutique hotel in one of the Bay Area’s toniest towns was interrupted by hundreds of uninvited creepy crawly guests. And when she didn’t get a refund, she unleashed her loyal fan base on the establishment.

Hayley Johnsen, known as hayleyyjay to her 71,000-plus Instagram followers, took to Twitter this week to describe the horror of finding her room at the Palo Alto Inn infested with maggots.

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Johnsen said she was taking a bath when something caught her eye.

“As I’m sitting there, I see something,” Johnsen wrote in a thread Monday. “I’m like what is this tic tac (sic) on the floor.”

“Well guess the (expletive) what,” she continued. “It wasn’t a tic tac (sic). It was a maggot. Then I really open my eyes. Maggot. Maggot. Maggot. HUNDREDS OF MAGGOTS IT SEEMS. COMING DIRECTLY OUT OF THE WALL. ALL OVER THE BATHROOM.”

Video of larvae wriggling on the floor was included in the thread.


— hayleyyjay (@hayleyyjay) July 10, 2018

Johnsen said she yelled for her boyfriend, who stepped on several of the maggots as he raced into the bathroom. The couple decided to leave, but not before calling the manager.

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Ten minutes passed before a “disgruntled older man” stormed out of the front office to inspect the room, Johnsen said. When she pointed out the maggots, he reportedly told her he could not see them. He also reportedly insinuated the couple had brought the bugs with them.

The man told her the hotel didn’t give refunds but offered to put the couple up in a different room.

“We say absolutely not,” Johnsen said. “It’s almost midnight. This is a health hazard. We want our money back now. He said he could maybe ask his manager tomorrow if they can ‘work something out.’”

Johnsen said her boyfriend told the man the couple would sue if they didn’t receive a refund.

“The manager FLIPS out and says that’s it you’re checking out, no refund!” Johnsen said.

Unsure of what to do next, Johnsen phoned the police. She said it took an officer “four seconds” to come to the same conclusion that the couple could not stay in the room.

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A spokeswoman for the Palo Alto Police Department could not immediately confirm that part of the Johnsen’s story.

When the hotel didn’t refund the $300 she paid for the room, Johnsen …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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