Belle takes terrifying risk to get Tom out of her life in Emmerdale as a prison outcome is confirmed

Family showdowns and relationships disintegrating in a tense week of Emmerdale (Picture: ITV) Relationships and situations are at crisis point in next week’s Emmerdale, with Belle Dingle (Eden Tayor-Draper) traumatised as she takes drastic action behind abusive husband Tom King’s (James Chase) back, while Moira (Natalie J Robb) spirals as her fears for jailed […]


I went on holiday as a wife and came home a widow

Zoe’s husband Brian died in extraordinarily tragic circumstances in Greece (Picture: Zoe Holohan) When I heard the tragic news about Dr Michael Mosley’s passing this week, my immediate reaction was to think about his poor wife, Dr Clare Bailey Mosley and the four heartbroken children he’s left behind. Like so many of us who watched […]


Che Guevara Inspired a Madonna Album

Madonna and Che Guevara are both icons but for wildly different reasons. That didn’t stop Madonna from writing an album inspired by the Cuban revolutionary. Here is a look at how the Queen of Pop described one of the most baffling choices of her career. 1 Madonna album has a cover inspired by Che Guevara […]