Candidates can’t run for multiple offices, laws say, but Denver mayor, Colorado rep hopeful Leslie Herod says it’s not so simple

When Leslie Herod announced earlier this month that she was running for Denver mayor next spring her campaign confirmed that she was staying on the November ballot as an incumbent Colorado Statehouse representative for a portion of the city. Although both Colorado law and Denver City Code, explicitly forbid candidates from running in multiple races, […]


Police reveal countdown to Dublin double homicide, deputy’s arrest: Police were called after deputy showed up to home a month earlier

DUBLIN — Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Devin Williams was wearing his uniform pants and carrying his service pistol, fresh out of an overtime shift, when he walked through the side gate of his estranged girlfriend’s home. Somehow, sources say, Williams gained entry into the Dublin home a little before midnight on Sept. 7, then headed […]


Stacey Solomon doesn’t understand why we pay money towards monarchy: ‘We should be able to opt-out’

Stacey Solomon doesn’t get why we pay towards the royals when they’re already wealthy (Picture: Rex/Getty) Stacey Solomon has questioned why we pay any money at all to the monarchy, suggesting there should be an opt-in/opt-out policy instead. The Loose Women star has made no secret of her confusion over the royal family, having previously […]