Michael Malone on Nuggets’ Game 7 loss: “Did I run our players into the ground? I’m sure that’s definitely part of it”

The way this ended will stick with the Nuggets for much longer than one offseason. It’ll be remembered as one of the more painful what-if moments in Denver sports history. Whether the Nuggets would have repeated as champions will never be answered. It’s easy to conflate one climactic failure with the full body of work. […]


American Airlines has reportedly ‘fired’ law firm that blamed 9-year-old girl for being secretly filmed

The law firm hired by American Airlines that blamed a 9-year-old girl for being secretly filmed while using a plane bathroom has been “fired,” according to the attorneys for the child’s family. The airline, facing lawsuits after a flight attendant allegedly recorded girls in airplane bathrooms, in a recent defense filing had argued the young […]


What’s my horoscope for today? May 25, 2024 astrological predictions for your star sign

What’s in store for you today? (Picture: Today, our charisma is magnetic, pulling others into our orbit. Virgo, with Venus and Pluto igniting your charm, you’ll be leaving a lasting impression. Pisces, this line-up beckons you to turn your attention to the past. Ahead, you’ll find all the star signs’ horoscopes for today: Saturday May 25, 2024. Like […]