Three decades ago, she begged for her 3-year-old’s safe return. She’s just been charged with his murder.

By Allyson Chiu | The Washington Post

On camera, Amy Elizabeth Fleming’s face was twisted into a mask of anguish.

“I just hope Yo is not feeling as alone as I do sometimes,” Fleming told News 3 Las Vegas in 1986, her voice thick with emotion. Makeup did little to cover the dark circles under her eyes.

Fleming was experiencing a parent’s worst nightmare. Her 3-year-old son, Francillon Pierre, whom she lovingly referred to as “Yo-Yo” or “Yo,” was still missing after vanishing without a trace from a swap meet in North Las Vegas on Aug. 2, 1986. Exhaustive searches of the area had turned up no clues to the boy’s whereabouts and investigators were stumped. But rather than accept the worst, Fleming and her then-boyfriend Lee Luster continued to hold on to the hope that Francillon was alive.

“If anybody knows anything about where he is, or if he is safe, I want them to just tell me that,” Fleming pleaded at the time. “I will be able to go through the proper channels to get him back. I’ll do anything that is necessary.”

More than 30 years later, in what officials are calling “an extraordinary development in an extraordinary case,” Fleming, now 60, has been arrested and charged with murder. The swap-meet story was a “diversion,” authorities said Monday at a news conference in Las Vegas. Fleming’s young son never went missing on that Saturday morning in 1986 because he was likely already dead.

“Although we are saddened that we could not bring you today good news that we found Pierre alive and well, we are fortunate that we can bring some closure to those affected by this 32-year-old cold case,” North Las Vegas Police Department Chief Pamela Ojeda said at the news conference.

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The case was reopened in 2017 after authorities learned that someone had attempted to commit identity theft by applying for a birth certificate using the child’s name, said Detective Steven Wiese of the North Las Vegas Police Department, who is leading the current investigation. After a year and a half of reviewing the case, new witnesses and information came to light, including jail letters between Fleming and Luster. Fleming was charged on Dec. 13, 2018, and she was arrested on Jan. 29 in Florida, where she and Luster moved a year after Francillon’s reported disappearance. Fleming is currently en route to Las Vegas, police said. Luster has not been charged and there was no attorney named in court …read more

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