Mark Selby reveals grim reality of social media abuse he receives

Cazoo World Snooker Championship 2023 - Day Sixteen

Mark Selby is subjected to some unacceptable abuse online (Picture: Getty Images)

Mark Selby says he is regularly hit with abuse on social media simply because of the way he plays snooker, but insists it will never make him change his winning formula.

The Jester from Leicester is into his sixth World Championship final this year having won four of them in the past, securing his place as one of the greatest players ever.

He is an extremely heavy scorer when playing well, but is also known for his granite safety play and being perfectly happy to scrap out long frames when the balls are a mess on the table.

His semi-final at the Crucible this year against Mark Allen was a bit of a slog, not finishing until 12.45am on Sunday, and having been pulled off early from their session on Friday afternoon.

Selby says it is not even always his fault that his games can be a bit slow, but he will still get the abuse for it.

‘Obviously when we got pulled off three frames early on Friday afternoon, everyone is going “it’s Selby again”,’ Selby said. ‘And then I looked at the average shot times, and Mark Allen was a second or two slower than me.

‘Because I was involved straight away it’s “Selby is dragging it out again, here he goes, he’s getting his claws in”. But I just play a frame for what it is.

‘You get it on social media all the while, the keyboard warriors who sit at home behind there phones and laptops and have never met you in their life.

‘They slag you off and then if they ever did meet you, they’d be straight up asking for a picture and a signed programme. I have to take it with a pinch of salt, I couldn’t care less and if I’m winning it doesn’t matter.’

Asked if he feels he is not given the respect he deserves in the game, as a four-time world champion and one of the all-time greats.

‘I just think people have got their favourites and I get that. I understand if people don’t like watching me play, and I haven’t got a problem with that,’ he said.

‘But don’t abuse me on social media. Not everyone is a Ronnie O’Sullivan fan, even though he is the greatest player that has ever played the game, and is great to watch.

‘I get it all the while, but I just don’t reply. If anyone sends me a s****y message, I just mute them and they’re gone. It has never been in real life, only online.

‘There was a guy a few years ago who once said to me on Twitter, “I can’t stand watching you play, I hope someone stabs you with a rusty sword”. So I just told him I was playing again the next day on TV.

“Within five minutes he’s back saying “Great banter Mark”, and I’m thinking “You wanted …read more

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