EastEnders fans sobbing after emotional Roxy and Amy scene

Roxy returns to talk to Amy in EastEnders

Roxy is there for Amy as she struggles with her mental health (Picture: BBC)

Roxy Mitchell’s return scene to EastEnders has left emotional fans ‘sobbing’ and ‘bawling’ after Rita Simons reprised her role in an episode airing Thursday April 27.

The announcement that Roxy, who died on New Year’s Day 2017 in one of the most controversial axings ever, was coming back already created a huge buzz.

But now that fans have viewed the scene on the first look BBC iPlayer edition, the reaction is certainly one of high passion.

And honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Roxy is manifested due to her daughter Amy (Ellie Dadd) attending family therapy with estranged Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and Denise Fix (Diane Parish).

Part of the discussion related to Amy’s dangerous self harming, which is triggered by her ordeals over the last year.

Recently, after Denise and Jack’s explosive split, Amy’s symptoms reared their head, leaving the adults realising the impact their tension was having on her.

Amy opened up to her lost mum, needing more support than ever (Picture: BBC)

Caught in the middle, Amy’s mental health is in a very dark place right now, and needs support more than ever from a mother figure.

While talking during therapy, a tearful Amy found herself imagining a conversation with Roxy, who assured her daughter that she would always be there.

Amy called her out for not being there for her after drink and drugs led to her death after plunging into an ice cold swimming pool with sister Ronnie.

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Roxy urged her daughter not to harm herself and they recalled memories together, including a poem they devised to help her study The Tudors when she was younger.

As Amy opened her heart to Roxy, her mum told her she would always be with her and urged her never to give up.

And, like us, fans were in bits after the moment

i’m so out of the loop with eastenders but i just watched the roxy and amy scene and it’s absolutely wrecked me

— katie (@Kaaaaatie_x) April 27, 2023


I’m sobbing over this. it’s so unfair 😭 Chris Clenshaw needs to bring Ronnie and Roxy back.

Like I’d accept it. Idc how he’d do it I’d accept it if It meant having them back. #Eastenders pic.twitter.com/ujkTLEzEHn

— SaviourSwan101 (@Ashleighdean101) April 27, 2023

Roxy making a reappearance in eastenders has me SOBBING. we miss u Roxy #eastenders

— Phoebe (@phoebexrolinson) April 27, 2023

not roxy in todays episode 🥹🥹🥹 i miss her #EastEnders

— missy (@missyszn) April 27, 2023

I couldn’t wait. I had to watch it on iPlayer. Roxy’s return is everything and more.
But I want …read more

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