Yankees Notebook: Aaron Boone suspended for Padres opener

The Yankees will open their series against the Padres without their manager.

Major League Baseball announced that Aaron Boone has been suspended one game after he was ejected from Thursday’s contest against the Orioles. Boone’s suspension, which he chose to serve Friday, comes with an undisclosed fine.

Thursday’s ejection was Boone’s fourth of the season — which leads his contemporaries – and his third in 10 games. Based on MLB’s statement, Boone’s recent stretch – rather than just Thursday’s incident – contributed to the suspension, as the league’s release noted “recent conduct toward major league umpires.”

“I don’t like that it’s happened a few times this week,” Boone said Friday before the suspension was announced. “I’d like to not get ejected, and hopefully I can start a long streak of not getting ejected. I’m not necessarily afraid to, but no, it’s not my intent to get ejected, and I don’t want to. Hopefully I won’t for a while.”

Boone has been tossed 30 times as a manager. That’s seven more ejections than any other manager since Boone began the job in 2018, per statistician Katie Sharp.

On Thursday, Boone took issue with home plate umpire Edwin Moscoso’s erratic strike zone. The skipper insisted that his initial comments shouldn’t have led to an ejection, but Boone turned things up a notch when Moscoso turned his back on the arguing manager. Crew chief Chris Guccione had to get in between Moscoso and Boone.

Some spittle from Boone’s mouth also flew in Moscoso’s direction.

“I should not have been thrown out of that game. I was very calm, didn’t do much at all. And then [Guccione] was holding me back,” Boone said Thursday night. “So I didn’t need to be restrained. The dismissive attitude and walking away, I took exception to. I really didn’t have to be restrained. I was being restrained. He was keeping in front of me. Nothing bad was gonna happen.”

While Boone has had multiple run-ins with umpires lately, he said that he didn’t want them replaced with automated zones on Thursday. On Friday, he added that he doesn’t feel like umpires are targeting him, generally speaking.

Rather, he believes he’s been “treated fairly.”

“I think they come in, for the most part, with a blank slate,” Boone said. “I do think there is probably the occasional bias that exists. We’re human beings. I’m sure certain people don’t like hearing from me or whatever.

“I think I’ve earned that reputation. Do I think it’s leading to a quick hook? Not necessarily. I think last night was, but that could just be a one-off. Maybe I’m delusional and I did more than I think. I don’t think that’s the case. But no, I don’t think I’m being targeted by umpires going in.”


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