Warriors mailbag: How serious is Stephen Curry’s injury?

OAKLAND — The Warriors don’t seem to be fretting too much about that 134-111 blowout loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday at Oracle Arena. These things happen.

The Warriors can sometimes play bored. Teams love to give the defending NBA champs their best shot. And in fairness to the Bucks, they are kind of good. Especially Giannis Antetokounmpo. No, instead Warriors fans are rightfully concerned about Stephen Curry, who missed the fourth quarter because of a left adductor strain. In lamen’s terms, Curry got hurt in the groin.

I outlined the initial details about Curry’s injury here, as well as a breakdown of the Warriors issues extending beyond missing Draymond Green. My colleagues Dieter Kurtenbach and Logan Murdock broke down the game in the latest episode of the Warriors HQ podcast. Kurtenbach also shares what he learned from the Warriors’ loss to the Bucks.

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Now on to the mailbag….

how long is steph going to be out?

— JR Swish (@JRSwish34) November 9, 2018

We should know some details later today. The Warriors said Curry plans to receive an MRI, though it’s not immediately clear if that will take place before or after practice begins around 11 a.m. It would not surprise if if Curry misses at least Saturday’s game against Brooklyn at Oracle Arena. Only reason: Warriors like to be cautious with players that have injuries. Especially someone of Steph’s caliber. He’s kind of a big deal.

What’s the word around the locker room? Do they think it’s a minor injury?

— Michelle (@michisreal) November 9, 2018

I’m no doctor, and I also did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I do have some insight on this question. Both Warriors forwards Kevin Durant and forward Jonas Jerebko did not sound too concerned about it. They are not doctors, either. But they shared their observations based off of Steph’s demeanor in the locker room afterwards. Jerebko also made a plug to the Warriors’ training staff. For what it’s worth, when the Warriors opened the locker room to the media, Curry sat by his stall thumbing through his phone and chatting with Klay Thompson.

Curry did not speak at the podium afterwards so he could receive more treatment. But ESPN’s Marc Spears caught Steph on the way out, and he expressed both uncertainty and optimism.

“I’m not nervous. I have nothing to go off of. If this was an ankle I could tell you four days, 12 days. But I will see tomorrow… I’ve honestly never done this before so I have nothing to go off of,” – Warriors guard Stephen Curry about his groin injury to @TheUndefeated.

— Marc J. Spears …read more

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