On this date, March 26: Warriors’ Rick Barry explodes for career-high 64 points

Rick Barry was a scoring genius from the first moment he pulled on a pair of tube socks. He led the NCAA in scoring during his time at Miami. He led the NBA in scoring in only his second season with the Warriors. He jumped to the Oakland Oaks and led the start-up ABA in scoring.

But he never scored like he scored on March 26, 1974, 46 years ago. In the penultimate game of a disappointing season for the Warriors, Barry let it all hang out, scoring a career-high 64 points — 45 in the second half.

Oh yes, the Warriors crushed the Portland Trail Blazers 143-120.

In 43 minutes, Barry shot 30-for-45 from the field and 4-for-5 from the line, adding 10 rebounds and nine assists.

Only Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor had ever scored more in an NBA game.

Also on this date, Warriors owner Franklin Mieuli held court before Barry’s virtuoso performance to announce he would be more hands-on after watching his club fail to make the playoffs for just the second time in time in eight seasons. In fact, Mieuli’s pregame unburdening almost overshadowed Barry’s brilliance.

“As of today,” Mieuli told reporters, “you see a new Franklin. My general manager, coach and players will know I’m going to be there.

“We put together what I thought was the nucleus of the best team in the league. It may have been a fact that I didn’t ride herd as much as I should. But as of today I am a visible, miserable, available and present Franklin. There will be some changes, I can promise you that.”

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One of those changes: hiring an assistant coach to help head coach Al Attles.

Among the disaffected was Barry himself. “What significance is this now?” he asked. “All those points don’t mean (expletive). It’s nice to score that many but the individual stat means nothing. Now, if I’d done it when it meant something, I’d have something to talk about.”

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