Omar Kelly: How did GM Chris Grier survive Dolphins’ latest purge?

There are a couple of things Steve Ross has never done during his decade-plus run of being the Miami Dolphins’ owner.

Along with never hiring a veteran head coach, Ross has never started fresh by hiring a new general manager in the same offseason he’s replacing his head coach.

At this point, considering we’re now on our seventh major football hire during Ross’ tenure as the majority owner, it seems as if that’s the one thing he’s gone out of his way to avoid, even though this seemed like the perfect time to follow the New York Giants, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings’ lead.

Resetting the Dolphins seems like right approach, especially since the franchise fell short of expectations and is no better off than when this three-year rebuild started.

So why not remove general manager Chris Grier at the same time they fired Brian Flores as the head coach earlier this week?

They came into power together. Yet here we are, saying goodbye to Flores and putting the franchise’s future in Grier’s hands — again.

Why does Ross keep allowing Grier to escape accountability? It’s because he’s “non-threatening,” according to a league source, who has worked with both.

Grier is accommodating and humble to a fault, and definitely a collaborator who works well with others. That’s why it was easy for Ross to identity Flores as the problem in the latest shakeup.

Those are all great traits you want when searching for a friend, or a play date for your child. But they don’t necessarily correlate to leadership — and that’s what this organization has been lacking for decades.

“We had an old, aging roster before that was leading us nowhere but to mediocrity and I think that if you look at our roster today,” Ross said Monday explaining why Grier remains safe and begins his 23rd year in the Dolphins front office.

“You see our salary cap [space] and the players we have?” Ross said, referring to the team’s league-leading $74 million in spending power. “I think we are well suited for the future.”

A future a man who has failed time and time again will continue to create.

According to his own words, Grier said his top priority when this latest rebuild started was to the build the Dolphins through the trenches.

While the defensive front seems fortified because of the emergence of Emmanuel Ogbah, who is a free agent this offseason, the development of Christian Wilkins and Raekwon Davis, and the promise of Jaelan Phillips, the offensive line remains terrible.

And that’s with the selection of five offensive linemen taken in the early rounds of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 NFL drafts.

This unit will likely require a massive overhaul — again — because Robert Hunt is the only player who has proven he’s capable of playing at a relatively high level.

Grier tried and failed to fix Miami’s run game, which has produced below the NFL average for rushing yards for three straight seasons.

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Source:: The Denver Post – Sports


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