Kurtenbach: Steph Curry broke his hand — there’s only one thing for the Warriors to do now

SAN FRANCISCO — You probably have heard of LaMelo Ball.

But do you know who Anthony Edwards is?

What about James Wiseman? Cole Anthony?

Warriors fans should start getting familiar with those names now, though, because after Stephen Curry broke his left hand in the Warriors’ latest embarrassing loss Wednesday, the path forward for this team is clear:

Pack it up. It’s time to tank.

Injury to insult.

— Dieter Kurtenbach (@dieter) October 31, 2019

Curry’s injury means this season is lost. It was probably already lost, but now it’s official. So now, the Warriors need to do everything they can to maximize their 2020-2021 season — which means even more minutes for young players and building up their 2020 NBA Draft lottery odds.

Yes, the Warriors need to make it a priority to lose as often as possible.

Though, to be fair, I don’t think that’ll be too much of an adjustment for these Dubs.

It’s early, of course — four games — but the Warriors were so egregiously bad in three of those first four contests that it was fair to wonder how soon the team should pack it in. How could your mind not go there when they fell behind 47-14 to the Suns — the Phoenix Suns! — in the early goings of the second quarter on Wednesday?

But when Curry tumbled over Suns center Aron Baynes — a 7-foot center who was, for some reason, taking a charge against a 6-foot-2 guard — the answer was given.

Call it a small sample size if you must, but the Warriors didn’t look like a team that was going to be competing for the playoffs with Curry. Without him, they don’t stand a chance of making the postseason.

(Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

It doesn’t matter if Curry is out for a few weeks or a few months with a second broken metacarpal, either — he needed to play at least 70 games with the Warriors this season for the team to be competitive (and even that might not have been enough) and that number looks like it will come in well under with this injury, even if the best-case scenario — a three-or-four week absence — comes to pass.

Curry’s hand will heal, of course — he’ll be able to play again some point this season — but I’m not sure there will be much to play for once that day arrives. There’s no value in mediocrity in the NBA and that’s likely the Warriors’ ceiling with Curry out of the lineup for an extended period of time.

So they might as well keep him on the shelf for as long as possible. Right? He’s played in five straight NBA Finals — rest those legs for a while.

In the meantime, the Warriors should let D’Angelo Russell dribble 20 times and shoot a contested floater 40 times a game. Give Jordan Poole 30-plus minutes of run, too. Give those two-way contract guys all the run they can handle. Let’s see is Eric Paschall is the …read more

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