Klay Thompson on his rehab and the changes to the Warriors offense

SAN FRANCISCO — This is all new for Klay Thompson.

Not just the shiny new arena along San Francisco Bay. Not just the residue from Kevin Durant’s departure. Not just the fact that he’ll be starting a season without Andre Iguodala or Shaun Livingston, but also that he’ll be starting the season on the shelf.

Thompson, who has never missed more than 10 games in a season since his rookie year, is recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in the NBA Finals. Now, he’ll miss nearly a third of the season, having been ruled out during media day on Monday until at least February’s All-Star break.

As Thompson tries to consider all of this newness, he spoke about it on media day in his classic dry and understated way.

On if he’s trying to come back before the All-Star break…

“No, I’m going to do what the team says, and I’ve done my due diligence on rehabs and ACL injuries, and the last thing you want to do is rush back, especially for a player like me who wants to play until he’s in his late 30s.”

“I want to play at a high level until that point, too. As much as it kills me not to be on the court, patience is a virtue, and rushing back would be not very smart.”

On his ongoing rehab…

“It’s been just kind of tedious. I mean, the workouts, they’re not fun. You’re not on the court putting together dribble packages and getting up jumpers and playing one-on-one. You’re doing a lot of tedious exercises just to build back strength and confidence and pass those mental hurdles that might hold you back.

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“I’ve become much more sympathetic to all athletes at all levels who go through a major injury or surgery. It’s not fun, and it really tests your patience. But it’s our job to come back even stronger, and the team has faith in me to do that. That’s why I think they rewarded me with my extension.”

On how he expects his game to change after integrating D’Angelo Russell…

“I think it’ll be easy. I think my style of play can adapt to anybody, and I’ve been watching D’Angelo for years now, and he’s an amazing passer, and I don’t think he’s played with two shooters like me and …read more

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