Letter: What’s a ‘fair share’ for Facebook, Apple and Google workers?

What’s a ‘fair share’ for FB,
Apple, Google workers?

Re: “Cupertino elitism exemplifies cause of Bay Area home crisis” (Editorial, Feb. 8):

Shaming Cupertino Mayor Scharf about his reference to Trump’s wall indicates you’re so politically correct you can’t appreciate humor and irony.

Apple employees can’t afford gas? Really? “Bay Area taxpayers can’t afford … new highways”? If we didn’t have what I see as a population explosion, we wouldn’t need new highways. If we weren’t throwing billions at high-speed rail, we’d have more for local transit.

You claim so-called NIMBYs aren’t doing “their fair share to meet workers’ housing needs.” Just what is my “fair share” of housing Apple, Google and Facebook employees – and all those they displaced? Big Tech caused the housing crisis by cramming billions of square feet of office space into the Bay Area, ignoring housing and transportation. About that Vallco plan for 2,400 housing units: You fail to mention it would also bring 1.81 million square feet of offices.

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Dig in to cause and effect and stop being so sanctimonious.

Pat Marriott
Los Altos

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