Letter: Trump was not schooled in the duplicity of politics

Trump was not schooled
in the duplicity of politics

It seems that every Democratic presidential hopeful adopts a campaign promise of defeating Mr. Trump and is eagerly awaiting the results of an impending impeachment.

Not so fast.

We have never removed a president through impeachment and are unlikely to do so with this one. A trial after impeachment will ultimately fall to the Senate. which is controlled by Republicans.

There’s more. Who will replace Mr. Trump if he is removed? Mr. Pence could be worse if it comes to that.

Donald Trump was not schooled in the duplicity of politics. Thus it’s important to understand his meaning rather than the words he uses to express himself.

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He wasn’t wrong in wanting to get out of NATO, which has no real function. He was right in ending useless, unending wars. All the other stuff? Hotly debatable.

Robert Sinuhe

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