Letter: Teacher worries about lessons students are getting from adults

Teacher worries about lessons
students are getting from adults

The school year is beginning. I love teaching, but I worry. My kids witness the greed, division and hatred among us.

The children are trying to learn truth while leaders lie. They are learning to be in community amid division, and to be 21st century citizens at a time when many are being excluded from the nation’s vision of citizenship.

We contend with bullying at school knowing that they see it everywhere else. We teach collaboration while adults continue to fail to solve problems. We face student fears. Some are homeless. Some have detained or deported loved ones. Some experience violence.

Then they also encounter lockdowns. Is this nurturing our future? Good teaching is about human interaction.

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Support people in public education so that schools can address the needs of their communities. Funding needs to be structured in a way that provides equity because in truth, “One sky covers all.”

Nancy Johnson James

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