Letter: Students will be on campus longer, not home sleeping

Students will be on campus
longer, not home sleeping

Re: “Walters: Will Newsom have a child-protection trifecta by signing later school start times?” (Mercurynews.com, Sept. 30):

Dan Walters argues that Governor Newsom should sign SB 328, a bill mandating later start times for middle and high schools to battle students’ sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, Walters has no insight into realities of how students get to school and why mandating a change to the start time actually increases risk for many students.

Hopefully the governor has a more clear-eyed view of students’ reality, and will veto SB 328.

Many students are dropped off at school early — well before the start of the school day — so their parents can get to work on time. Their parents do not have the luxury of dictating when their workday would start.

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Shifting to a later school start time would simply result in a vulnerable population of students on campus without supervision longer in the mornings where they certainly will not be getting more sleep.

Chris Funk
East Side Union High school District
San Jose

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