Letter: Silva sees answers where others see only problems

Silva sees answers where
others see only problems

I support Cindy Silva for Walnut Creek City Council.

Cindy’s service to this community has been outstanding. She is the hardest-working, and most committed and astute council member in my memory. Cindy does her homework, coming prepared to every meeting and, if in doubt, does research before proceeding.

Cindy believes in and has worked for a balanced community. She supports the business community, the police and modern police technologies, infrastructure maintenance and improvement, sound environmental policies and reasoned growth, and the welfare and interests of the citizens, always listening and responsive to concerns. She has been a vigilant watchdog of city finances and an enthusiastic supporter of every city-related activity. Cindy initiated the city’s award-winning Community Service Day, providing volunteer work for organizations and a sense of community for participants.

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I have worked with Cindy on many issues and know that Cindy sees answers where others see only problems.

Nancy Siegel
Walnut Creek

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