Letter: ‘Off-grid’ backlash if PG&E charges ratepayers for fires

‘Off-grid’ backlash if PG&E
charges ratepayers for fires

Re: “Wildfires illustrate PG&E’s call for action on liability” (Opinion section, Aug. 8):

The East Bay Times allows Tim Fitzpatrick of PG&E to fill its blank page with what I consider apologetic drivel.

Out of that regurgitation of hundreds of words comes one — and only one, in my opinion — meaningful phrase. That phrase states what I think is going to happen here in California, regardless of what you may think or hear otherwise.

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That phrase is: “AB 33 would utilize low-cost bonds secured by a charge on customer bills.” Simply put, this means you, the PG&E ratepaying customers, are going to foot the bill for the wildfires. The last one, this one and all the next ones to come.

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Lots of TV customers are “cutting the cord” when it comes to cable. “Off-grid” is the next wave.

R. Cote
Castro Valley

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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