Letter: Manafort may be convicted, but will he ever serve time?

Manafort may be convicted,
but will he ever serve time?

Very soon, Paul Manafort will likely be convicted of crimes he committed before, during and after he cavorted as campaign manager for Trump the Terrible.

Accordingly, he’ll probably be sentenced to a considerable amount of time in prison. But will he actually serve time? Not likely, because his mentor (in my opinion the most corrupt president in American history) will pardon him.

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Balderdash, you say? Consider for a moment that Paul Manafort is an unabashed protégé of the Liar-in-Chief. Evidence suggests he falsified his income tax filings, as it now appears The Donald may have as well. ”]

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In essence, pardoning Manafort is tantamount to pardoning himself, an action which he has hinted he might do. However, for D.T., the sand in the hourglass is running out. At his current pace, there should be enough conclusive, irrefutable evidence for impeachment by year’s end. Happy holidays to all!

Jon James

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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