Letter: If only every day was like the Fourth of July

If only every day was
like the Fourth of July

Since the mid-60s, I have been to around 50 Danville Fourth of July parades. This year was some what special.

As I walked Hartz Avenue in this time of a divided America, the band, the kids, the joy hit me in a way I haven’t felt in many years.

The planes flew above us, the dogs wagged their tails, strangers smiled and waved. Military units in full dress uniforms were cheered, Little League champs were praised and a 101-year-old lady was honored.

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Not a protester in sight, just beautiful cars, tractors, bagpipes and old songs sung by a rockin’ local band.

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I sat in a local watering hole, and thought this day wouldn’t fly in Berkeley or San Fran. And I thought, “Why should I feel so good, when so many people are unhappy?” Then it hit me. I proposed a toast: “Let’s make every day of the year the Fourth of July.”

Bill Chestnut
San Ramon

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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