Letter: ‘High crimes, misdemeanors’ refers to abuses of power

‘High crimes, misdemeanors’
refers to abuses of power

Re: “Claiming Trump didn’t commit a crime is ignorant” (Letter to the Editor, Aug. 11):

Despite the willful ignorance of many Trump supporters, the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” has a very clear meaning — having been established in English law for over 400 years before our Founding Fathers wrote it into the U.S. Constitution.

It refers to offenses committed by government officials who have abused their power and are unfit to serve: obstruction of justice, appointing unfit subordinates, dereliction of duty, violation of their oath of office, disobeying an order from Parliament (Congress), betraying the public trust — all of which Trump seems to have committed on many occasions.

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By not divesting his business interests, Trump may be essentially taking bribes daily from foreign governments and large corporations. Worse, the evidence is overwhelming that Trump encouraged Russia to help him win the election, and seems to have been doing Putin’s bidding ever since — treason.

Rob Charleston

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