Letter: Biden shouldn’t apologize for being affectionate and a white male

Biden shouldn’t apologize for
being affectionate and white

Many Americans are opting out of the politically correct movement.

We are disgusted with Republican and Democratic politics, which allow hate, bickering, political name-calling and jumping to judgement without facts. We are better than that! Also, the #MeToo movement seems to see everything as sexual or invading personal space.

We know that sexual predators must be stopped, but we also know there are many decent people who give hugs and shoulder pats. This is called showing affection for other human beings.

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Joe Biden is a kind man who shouldn’t have to apologize for showing innocent affection. Biden also seems to apologize for being an older white male. That is not a sin! What has happened to our common sense and love for others?

Jody Benkly
Walnut Creek

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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