Kansas makes it illegal for police to have sex with detainees



Kansas just passed a new law that bans cops from being able to have sex with people they pull over or detain.

The new law prohibits sex “during the course of a traffic stop, a custodial interrogation, an interview in connection with an investigation, or while the law enforcement officer has such person detained,” according to The Kansas City Star.

The law was passed by members of the House Judiciary Committee, and signed by Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer.

According to the report, various state policymakers in Kansas were surprised it was not already illegal. Oddly, Kansas was one of 33 states where “consensual” sex between a police officer and a person in custody was not a crime.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but there is a good reason that the law was passed when it was — and why it’s a necessary measure that every state should pass.

State Representative Cindy Holscher, who introduced the bill, pointed to multiple affidavits that alleged that detective Roger Golubski had a long history of coercing sex from black women in Kansas City. According to the The Kansas City Star, he allegedly threatened to arrest them if they did not …read more

Source:: Salon – Politics


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