Colorado State House District 3 candidate Q&A

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Meg Froelich

Democratic Party

Documentary Filmmaker
BA Bryn Mawr College, MA University of Michigan
Parent of three children, one attending college and two college graduates who are working professionals.
Greenwood Village City Council 2003-07, Colorado State House 2019-20, small business owner, former teacher, documentary filmmaker.


Why are you seeking public office?
I’ve been privileged to serve in the Colorado State House for two years and I’m proud of what we have accomplished. I am seeking re-election to continue to work for all Coloradans, not special interests.

What will your top three priorities be if elected?
My priorities continue to be adequate and equitable funding for public education, to preserve Colorado’s air, land, and water, and to ensure an economy that works for all.

Do you support some type of public option health insurance or Medicare for All at the state level? If so, which and why? If not, why not?
I am in favor of increasing accessibility to and affordability of health insurance and think a public option should be considered.

Have your views on policing and racism in Colorado changed this year? If so, how?
The urgency for action to address systemic racism and policing became very apparent this year. I am proud of our first-in-the nation, landmark, bi-partisan police accountability bill, SB217.

Do you place a greater importance on addressing climate change or preserving Colorado’s oil and gas industry? What steps would you take on these issues as a lawmaker?
It is unfortunate that this question presupposes that the two cannot coexist. As demonstrated in SB19-181 we can place health and safety as the priority of the oil and gas commission, continue to issue permits and address climate change.

Should Colorado consider any new gun laws? If so, which do you support?
Yes I am in favor of common sense gun violence prevention measures, including reporting of lost and stolen firearms, and safe storage measures.

Dean Titterington

Republican Party

Unincorporated Arapahoe County
Shopping Center Management
A.A., B.A. Business
Wife Cindy, 2 sons both CSU grads.
CoFounder Cherry Creek Charter Academy & President first 8 years, founding Board Member Charter School Institute 6 years, Co. State Review Panel 9 years, CDE Charter Support Team 11 years


Why are you seeking public office?
I believe that one party Democrat rule in a city or a state over a period of time will lead to the same outcomes we can see in places like California, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and others. Outcomes include more poverty, more homelessness, more lawlessness, sky high taxes, budgets busted by debt and poor management, over regulation and, most importantly, loss of individual freedoms. Colorado can become a place where citizens recognize that their values are “cancelled” and they feel compelled to move out.

What will your top three priorities be if elected?
1. EDUCATION EQUITY. Having served on the State Review Panel for 9 years and and evaluating the lowest academically performing schools, it is clear to me that these schools need significantly more resources and maximum school choice. Failing K-8 schools need to be year around schools with …read more

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