You’re almost definitely making this mistake when decorating your Christmas tree

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Some say we’ve been making a big ‘mistake’ when decorating Christmas trees (Credits: Getty Images)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again, and as such, many people will be starting to deck the halls and go wild with the festive decorations.

But before you put your Christmas tree up, you might want to have a look on social media for some inspo, as various users have been claiming we’ve been doing it all ‘wrong’ when it comes to hanging baubles on the branches.

And while there’s no official right or wrong way to decorate your home for the holiday season, it definitely never hurts to learn a few new techniques for jazzing up the place. Who knows, you might even end up liking the new tips and tricks better.

The most common suggestion being shared on TikTok currently is all to do with bauble bunches. People have been sharing videos claiming it’s a ‘mistake’ to hang just one ornament per branch on your tree. Instead, they claim you should make a cluster or bunch of them. 

A user named @sunshinethedoggo shared a look at how they do this online, and all you’ll need is a mixture of different sized baubles and a pipe cleaner. Alternatively, you could also use floral wire or any type of flexible wire to try this for yourself. 

Then they simply string their baubles onto the pipe cleaner to create a cluster, placing the biggest ornament in the middle and layering on smaller ones either side in different complimenting colours. 


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The pipe cleaner or piece of wire is then twisted round and secured in a loop shape, which you can then place over a branch, to create a fuller appearance on your Christmas tree.

Thousands of people have watched the clip, with it garnering over 42,000 likes on the app, over 12,000 saves, and hundreds of comments. Many people praised the TikToker for sharing the hack, with one saying it was a ‘very clever idea’.

Another person replied: ‘This is BRILLIANT’, while someone else said: ‘Love this! Can’t wait to try.’ A few fellow TikTok users kindly suggested making smaller clusters of just three baubles, for those with a smaller tree.

However, the trick wasn’t for everyone, as some people still insisted the standard method, of just one bauble per branch, looked better to them. Another agreed, adding: ‘My tree is full of memories. Ornaments from vacations, or special occasions. It’s not about aesthetics.’

The original poster wasn’t flustered by this though and merely commented that it was just their ‘opinion’ that other decorating methods were a ‘mistake’ and …read more

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