You don’t need to bin Metro after reading — man’s brilliant idea proves it’s worth keeping

Joe reusing his Metro newspaper

Metro can be useful at home. (Picture: joesgarden.official)

People up and down the country grab a copy of Metro newspaper each morning while on their way to work.

After reading all the latest news and features, you might find yourself popping it down on the train or tube seat beside you and thinking nothing more of it.

But we’d urge you to reconsider and try out a nifty hack instead.

A keen gardener has shared his top tip for reusing newspapers and social media users are loving the hack, praising it as ‘brilliant’ and the ‘best idea’.

In a clip posted on Instagram, @joesgarden.official shows how you can turn a Metro double page spread into a zero waste, plastic-free plant pot.

Joe explains: ‘Next time you finish reading your newspaper instead of throwing it away, tear out a page and fold it in half. 

‘Grab any can or any jar and roll the paper into a cylinder [around it] and fold over those bottom edges.

‘To make sure they stick, push it down hard with the jar and pull it out.’

He continues to show an optional step, where he folds down the top of the paper to neaten it up.

Next, you add some soil, poke a few holes in it about one centimetre deep and sow your favourite seeds. For the example, pea seeds are used.

To finish off, the top of the soil is dampened with some water in a spray bottle and then popped on a windowsill for a few weeks. 

Don’t bin your paper after reading on your commute. (Picture: Getty Images)

‘Keep the soil moist, but don’t saturate it and they will start to germinate,’ the gardening fan says.

Once this happens, the pots can be planted straight into soil outside where the newspaper will break down naturally, helping to reduce plastic and giving you a ‘bumper harvest’ all summer long.

In the post’s caption Joe adds: ‘I think it’s a great little way to upcycle, save some waste and also importantly save a little bit of money too.

‘If you are like me and often use the trains, you might find free newspapers to read on your commute. Instead of throwing these away once you are done, you can take them home and make amazing little diy seed starter pots. They might seem flimsy being made out of paper, but if you water them correctly, they are actually surprisingly strong.

Other uses for your leftover newspaper:

It’s handy if you’re packing to move house for wrapping delicate items.
Get thrifty and use newspaper as an alternative form of gift wrap for your loved one’s presents.
Use it to line your pet’s litter box… (we’ll try not to take this one too personally!)
If you’re posting a parcel, you could use newspaper as packing material in the box.
Newspaper is also great for paper mâché projects with the kids and you can create all sorts of items this way.
And if you’re a keen gardener, as well as making pots, you can add shredded, moist newspaper to your compost …read more

Source:: Metro


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