WWE merchandise ‘too dangerous to wear’ sparks backlash from gobsmacked fans

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre’s love for Rangers has caused some backlash from fans (Picture: WWE)

WWE has dropped some exclusive merchandise for Clash At The Castle this weekend, but fans think one design could cause some problems.

The sports entertainment giant is rolling into Glasgow, Scotland on Friday and Saturday night with hometown hero Drew McIntyre hoping to beat Damian Priest and become World Heavyweight Champion.

As part of the weekend’s premium live event, WWE is taking over a store at St Enoch Shopping Centre for a pop-up shop with shirts, championship belts and more merch.

One item in particularly has caused a stir though, with fans blasting the design and some even branding it a ‘very dangerous move’ to wear the shirt in public.

To the uninitiated, the blue football top appears like a nice nod to Scotland with Drew coming back home for a huge show, but it’s actually heavily based on Rangers’ shirt.

Considering their bitter and hostile rivalry with fellow Glasgow team Celtic – which also has its roots in religion – fans have fired back at the design.

The Rangers design has made fans furious (Picture: WWEShop)

‘Dear WWE, this is a merch shirt you’ve made for the PPV “Clash At The Castle”, which takes place in Glasgow. Change this shirt before someone gets hurt,’ warned @itsDaibhi.

‘WWE with a shirt banned in every pub in Glasgow,’ quipped @strontiumfox, while @Geo___72 added: ‘Very dangerous move in Glasgow.’

Another fan, @tomjonty, wrote: ‘I know Drew McIntyre is a Rangers Fan but did nobody in WWE Merch understand how badly this design affects the marketability of the shirt? Couldn’t pay half of Glasgow to wear that.’

Drew is facing Damian Priest in Glasgow this weekend (Picture: WWE/Craig Ambrosio)

And @paulfmillen added: ‘I wonder if @TripleH & @WWE are aware of how unpopular this shirt will be in parts of Glasgow. Someone should really educate them yikes!’

As people have pointed out, Drew is a huge Rangers fan, which is where the inspiration behind the design comes from – but it’s sure to go down badly with the Celtic half of the city.

The description for the item on WWEShop reads: ‘Demonstrate your passion for sports entertainment in this Clash at the Castle 2024 Fashion Jersey.

‘This stunning ProSphere top features the steel-sharpened event graphic and a football kit-worthy design that’s practically ready for the pitch.

The Scottish Warrior is one of WWE’s top wrestlers (Picture: WWE)

‘Featuring the red lion rampant seen on the kingdom’s coat of arms and a Glasgow seal, this jersey is a standout selection for any WWE Universe member looking to gear up and commemorate WWE’s first-ever premium live event in Scotland.’

Meanwhile, Drew is looking forward to being back in his home country, and having a chance at winning a world title in front of a live crowd.

He exclusively told ‘To return all these years later, to the Hydro with WWE for the first PLE in Scotland, and main event for the world title, going for my fourth world title, is just mental.’

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