Woman says neighbour’s bamboo which spread to her garden cost £10,000 to remove

Bamboo spreads to woman's garden

Isobel Chetwood says bamboo that spread from a neighbour’s garden cost £10,000 to fix (Picture: CheshireLive/MEN)

A woman says bamboo planted by her neighbour spread to her garden and cost £10,000 to fix.

Isobel Chetwood, from Knutsford in Cheshire, claims the extremely fast-growing plant first appeared in raised beds she’d created for strawberries.

Despite hacking away at the roots of the bamboo it continued to grow and spread.

Several other neighbouring properties experienced a similar problem, she says.

When Isobel realised the bamboo had been planted by tenants next door, she contacted the property’s landlord.

He treated the plant with weed killer, but instead of killing the bamboo it made it grow quicker.

Eventually Isobel decided to get a survey done to assess the problem.

The bamboo was planted by tenants in a neighbouring garden (Picture: CheshireLive/MEN)

Patio in Isobel’s garden had to be removed to get to the bamboo roots (Picture: CheshireLive/MEN)

She said: ‘I commissioned Environet to carry out a survey of the infestation and sent it to the landlord; I think that’s when he realised we needed professional help.’

A digger was needed to dig up the bamboo at its roots and part of the patio had to be removed as the runners from the plant were embedded underneath.

In total it cost £10,000 to fix the issue, she claimed.

‘Fortunately, his landlord’s insurance covered the cost of excavating the bamboo on my side of the fence, but he had to pay for the removal on his side since it had been deliberately planted by tenants,’ she added.

Isobel is now urging people not to buy and plant bamboo and said she doesn’t believe it should be sold at garden centres at all. If it is, she thinks the plants should at least come with a warning.

Isobel in her garden after the bamboo was removed (Picture: CheshireLive/MEN)

The bamboo after it was removed with a digger (Picture: CheshireLive/MEN)

Invasive plant specialist Environet said bamboo can be just as bad as Japanese knotweed.

Nic Seal, the company founder and managing directer, added: ‘Bamboo encroachment is one of the most common problems we deal with, since unlike knotweed, it’s still being marketed and sold in garden centres up and down the country with no warning of the risks – and planted directly into the ground by unsuspecting homeowners.’

He said he wouldn’t be surprised if mortgage lenders start to look more closely at the issue and impose lending restrictions similar to those for Japanese knotweed.’

Anyone selling or moving into a property with Japanese knotweed must declare its presence as it can affect their insurance.

Earlier this year, a furniture designer successfully sued the seller of a £700,000 house he bought after he found Japanese knotweed in the garden.

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