Woman is proud of her 50-year-old Creme Egg but has never been tempted to eat it

creme egg

Ainslie Peters’s Creme Egg is almost as old as she is (Picture: SWNS)

Many people are known to keep family heirlooms like jewellery, watches and paintings but one woman has kept a 50-year-old Creme Egg.

Ainslie Peters, 53, from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, said the egg was first bought as a gift for her gran Jean, on a first date with her future husband Dan Clark in 1973.

Ever since then it has never been opened or eaten and the egg has been around for nearly as long as Ainslie has.

The Creme Egg design has changed drastically in 50 years from a blue and yellow design to the purple, red and yellow design it is known for today.

Ainslie talked to The Courier and reminisced fondly of the egg.

She said: ‘It was just something that was always there when we were kids.

“Me and my three sisters often used to ask her why she had it in a cabinet but she would always laugh it off.

‘However, it must have really held significant sentimental value for her to have kept it all those years.

Ainslie is proud of her Creme Egg but has never been tempted to eat it (Picture: SWNS)

The design of the old Creme Egg is different (Picture: SWNS)

The Creme Egg was given to Jean by her future husband on her first date (Picture: SWNS)

‘Creme Eggs were still quite a novelty back then having not long been introduced.’

When Jean died in 2010 Ainslie asked for it and it has been on display in her home ever since.

Ainslie revealed the real reason it has never been eaten, and said she has never been fond of eating Creme Eggs because she finds them too sweet.

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