Woman ‘betrayed’ after receiving reply to texts she was sending her dead dad

A picture of Murad with his arms over Nilufar's shoulders, which are draped with her long, straight dark hair. Next to it, a picture of the text she sent without expecting a reply.

Nilufar ‘Nelly’ Nizam felt like she lost her father Murad ‘all over again’ after sending one last text (Picture: Nelly Nizam / SWNS)

A woman texting her dead dad came in for a shock when someone suddenly replied five months after he died.

Nilufar Nizam’s life was sent into turmoil when her ‘perfectly healthy’ father Murad died in his sleep two weeks before his 51st birthday in January last year.

Murad’s heart had suddenly stopped for no apparent reason, according to medical examiners.

‘I lost my mind when it first happened, especially that first month I was just in shock’, 26-year-old Nilufar, who’s originally from Uzbekistan and now lives in New York, said.

Describing her dad, she told Newsweek: ‘He always gave the best advice. It was like he had a gift for reading people, and every time I had a problem with anyone or anything, his advice, opinion or judgment would always be true.’

Soon, Nilufar was to have her own heart stopping moment when someone replied to the messages and life updates she’s been sending his number after his death.

‘I started texting him about a month after he died, because that’s what I would usually do when he was alive’, she said.

‘The messages brought me a lot of comfort.’

Nilufar, affectionately known as Nelly, always has a close relationship with her dad Murad (Picture: Nelly Nizam / SWNS)

She added: ‘I would just talk about regular stuff in my life and update him on stuff from by brother as well.

‘My brother, who is 19, was the apple of my dad’s eye so I know it would mean a lot to hear how he’s doing.

‘I’d also text him on the 17th of every month to signify the day of his death.’

After several months, her ‘heart dropped’ when the unexpected happened, she recently revealed.

In May 2023, Nilufar sent a message saying: ‘Hi Dad. It’s been 5 months since you’re gone. I miss you so much. I wish you were here next to me.

‘The pain of losing you has been the hardest thing I ever went through. I love you so much. I’m so upset you’re no longer here.

‘But I will always keep our memories alive. I can’t fathom the thought of you not every being with me anymore. But I will always love and miss you dad.’

Nilufar’s messages had always stayed green, indicating they had been sent but not delivered.

This time, however, it turned blue.

She said: ‘I had just finished therapy and was sitting in my car typing out a text. As soon as I hit send and saw the bubble, I realised what had happened.’

Then someone replied: ‘Oh my I’m so sorry.’

Murad was the person Nelly turned to for advice before he died (Picture: Nelly Nizam / SWNS)

It turns out Murad’s number had been given to someone new, a total stranger to Nilufar.

She apologised, saying: ‘Sorry to disturb you. I used to always text my dad to this number.’

Explaining the decision to text back right away, Nilufar said: ‘I …read more

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