Will Farage end up in the Tory party?

MetroTalk montage 11/06/2024

Is a vote for Reform is really a vote for the Tories and can you imagine a Tory-Reform coalition? (Picture: Metro/Getty)

In MetroTalk, readers are questioning why Nigel Farage is receiving so much attention in the lead-up to the General Election.

As one commenter notes, Farage has repeatedly failed to secure a parliamentary seat — seven times, in fact. If he manages to win in Clacton, this will mark his eighth attempt to be a ‘bloody nuisance’ in Westminster.

Additionally, what about the potential implications of a Reform-Tory coalition if both parties were to secure their seats. What do you think about this possible political alliance?

Share your thoughts on these topics and more in the comments.

Why is there so much attention on Nigel Farage?

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