Where to eat, sleep and play while on holiday in Funchal, Madeira


A calming destination (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

Looking for an end-of-year getaway?

Madeira is one of those Goldilocks holiday spots. It gets decent weather most of the year, being situated in the Atlantic Ocean and geographically closer to Africa than Europe.

The Portuguese island is sleepy and slow paced, even in Funchal, the capital city.

For this reason, it makes for an ideal short break for those with relaxation at the top of their priority list.

Over four days we got to explore lots of local activities along with one of the top hotels you can stay in.

Though if you’re flying from the UK and straight back home, make the trip five days long, as the near four-hour flight feels a bit too out of reach for a long weekend.

Here’s why we think you should add Madeira to your travel list.


The place to stay is Savoy Palace – while it’s nothing to do with the Savoy here though it’s genuinely filled with plenty to experience and try.

The rooms are second to none. The suite I stayed in – going for around £650 a night at this time of the year – had two showers and a bath, a huge comfy bed, a sea view with a large balcony, and a sitting area.

I’m never one for idling away time in a hotel room, being keen to explore, but I must admit I very reluctantly left this peaceful, dreamy space.

A sea view is never a bad idea (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

A bath had to be taken (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

Being in one of the most luxurious of suites offered means access to a private infinity pool.

I made use of it in the early mornings when no one else was there, calmly swimming up and down while looking out onto the sea and the surrounding mountains.

These quiet half hour sessions couldn’t have been more perfect – and I even snuck over there one morning before the sun rose, basking in the moonlight.

Swimming with this view (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

The view from the 16th floor (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

A welcoming reception (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

The spa facilities were great too, with all the things you’d expect – a sauna, steam room, pool, and jacuzzi.

The real reason to go however is for a massage. I had a forest therapy massage they were trialing and it was so soothing I was asleep by the end and limber in my limbs.

Spa pool (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

Night swimming (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)


The food here is something to be experienced indulgently and fully – it’s a fish lover’s dream.

At Savoy Palace, there are multiple restaurants with different themes – from sushi to fine dining – which allow you to taste authentic Portuguese food and dishes with modern twists.

Throughout the options, local fish dishes can change daily, and many Madeirans will dine at the hotel, simply making the most of the food on offer without needing to stay the night – …read more

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