When is the next full moon? 2022 dates revealed

Strawberry moon

The Strawberry moon photographed up close (Picture: Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

People have long believed in the power of the moon – and as a species, we tend to have most interest in full moons.

The moon tends to be seen in phases (such as a crescent shape or half moon).

And it becomes a full moon when Earth is directly aligned between the moon and sun – which means it is fully illuminated by the sun, making it completely visible and appear as a large orb in the sky.

There are quite a few different types of full moon – from the Pink moon to the Harvest moon. And they occur roughly once a month, occasionally more, at very different times of night.

But when is the next full moon taking place in the UK, and will we be able to see it? And what is its name?

Here’s what you need to know.

What and when is the next full moon?

The Strawberry moon seen over Stonehenge (Picture: Getty)

The next full moon in the UK is called the Strawberry supermoon.

It will peak over here on Tuesday, June 14, at 12.51pm BST, though will appear at other times in different parts of the world.

You might also hear this moon be called the Honey moon or even Mead moon, but its most commonly-used moniker is connected to berry harvesting season in North America.

2022 full moon calendar dates

Amazingly, we already know when 2022’s full moons will take place, and exactly when to look for them.

After June’s Strawberry moon, the Buck moon will be visible in the sky in July and the Sturgeon moon will be seen in August.

You can see the full calendar here…

Full Moon dates for 2022, according to The Royal Observatory, with times shown in GMT

June 14 (12.51pm) Strawberry moon

July 13 (7.38pm) – Buck moon

August 12 (2.36am) – Sturgeon moon

September 10 (10.59am) – Corn/Harvest moon

October 9 (9.55pm) – Hunter’s moon

November 8 (11.02am) – Beaver moon

December 8 (4.08am) – Cold moon

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