What to consider before trying the TikTok ‘pasta strainer’ curl hack – according to experts

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An expert weighs in on the trick (Picture: Getty)

Where would we be without TikTok hair hacks?

From creating bouncy blow-out curls with a dressing gown robe to a volume-boosting hair dryer hack, we’ve learned all sorts of beauty tips over the past few years.

And the latest bizarre hair hack doing the rounds involves a piece of homeware you’d usually find in the kitchen – a pasta strainer.

The viral trick sees users placing their damp hair into a pasta strainer, by tipping their head over and holding the utensil on the crown. Then using a blow dryer to apply heat around the hair, drying it and creating voluminous and even curls. 


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People on TikTok may be raving about it – but what do experts say?

‘It is most effective on curly hair types, as the technique replicates the effect of a diffuser attachment, with the strainer acting as a conductor to evenly distribute heat to create a consistent curl pattern,’ explains Nicole Petty, a hair expert at Milk + Blush.

‘Users with wavy and straight hair will not be able to replicate the curly results – but may instead see plenty of volume and loose, beachy waves instead.’

Nicole also adds that while the trend is not necessarily dangerous, it can cause damage to your hair if you don’t take precautions. 

She says: ‘If you cannot resist trying this yourself, make sure you thoroughly clean your strainer before use, or buy a new one, to protect your hair from any food residue or chemicals.  

‘Secondly, strainers are often made of metal, which is a conductor of heat, which means that when you apply heat through a hairdryer, they will get hotter and subsequently cause further damage to your hair. 

‘Before carrying out this hack, apply plenty of heat protectant to your tresses and only use your hairdryer on a low to medium setting. This will ensure your hair doesn’t get fried and you don’t burn your scalp.’

Laura Elliot, head of education at hair brand Neal & Wolf, adds that plastic strainers are no better either.

She explains: ‘Equally, these heated up could cause damage leading to split ends and dryness, the plastic could also melt into your hair or release toxic fumes.

‘For the best curls I would recommend sticking to a diffuser and using a good finishing spray to lock those curls in place.’

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