What does the week have in store? Your tarot horoscope reading for June 10 to June 16

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Mars has moved into Taurus signalling our urge to plan and research our main ambition/s, and we’ve just had a refuelling phase from the recent New Moon in Gemini.

Everyone is feeling lucky, ambitious, full of pep and purpose. It’s the time to set and chase down your goals. Make bold leaps. Take a chance.

Get into planning mode, but make those plans daring and bold. You can achieve more than you think. You can go further than you believe is possible. Aim for the moon, aim as high as you can possibly imagine, and if you fall short then you’re still over and above the curve!

Let the tarot guide you towards your priority ambition this week…


March 21 to April 20

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Tarot card for Aries for this week: Two of Cups

Meaning: Your priority ambition is about your closest relationship. You want celebrate it, make it your focus, tell them how you feel, treat yourselves to something wonderful. And if you’re single, then look out for a red-hot Water sign this week, someone you could fall in love with on the spot.

You are passionate person and love makes and breaks your mood. Work on your love life this week, make it your ambition to live the romance you dream of.     

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April 21 to May 21

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Tarot card for Taurus for this week: Seven of Cups

Meaning: You are in ideation and thinking mode this week, daydreaming and fantasising about what you want to manifest this summer. It might be a holiday, a bigger better role, a makeover, a new love, a home improvement, a purchase you’ve been saving for.

Whatever it is, work on the vision, the ideal, the sensation of what it’d feel like to have achieved this. Get this part right, and the process to make it happen will flow fast and easy. Set your mind right.

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May 22 to June 21

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Tarot card for Gemini for this week: Five of Wands

Meaning: Your priority ambition this week is to problem solve. Sounds too dull? Sorry. Sometimes you have to clear up the obstacles so you can enjoy free-wheeling and plain sailing again.

Focus on what needs attention and repair this week. Sort out issues. Fix problems. Get to the root causes and crux of matters that you know have thwarted and rattled you recently. Getting them out of the way will make you feel so liberated and free. It’s a great feeling, work towards it.   

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June 22 to July 23

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Tarot card for Cancer for this week: Five of Swords

Meaning: You notice tensions and atmospheres swiftly and accurately. You …read more

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