We tried the Shark FlexStyle hair tool – how does it match up to Dyson’s AirWrap?

We tried the Shark FlexStyle hair tool - how does it match up to Dyson's AirWrap?

If it’s good enough for Love Island, it’s good enough for me (Picture: Jessica Lindsay/Shark)

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Back in the day, the hottest hair tools were, well, the hottest.

Yet, thanks to new advances in technology (and a few lessons in damage learned the hard way) we now have a huge range of styling options that won’t fry our strands.

The tool of choice for a number of beauty gurus is the Dyson AirWrap, using the ‘Coanda effect’ to create curls with lower temperatures and greater control.

What is this magical technique?

The Coanda effect is an ‘aerodynamic phenomenon’, according to Dyson.

‘Air, when propelled at the right speed and pressure, naturally follows an adjacent surface, pulling in the surrounding air,’ the site explains. ‘The Dyson Airwrap styler harnesses this phenomenon by creating a spinning vortex of air around the cylindrical shaped barrels of the tool.’

The only problem is the price tag, which at £479 for a basic model is out of budget for many of us.

While cheaper options are available, a big-name contender using the Coanda effect did not emerge… until now.

Enter, the Shark FlexStyle, which harnesses that same technology and five changeable attachments for auto-wrap curling, straightening, volumising, smoothing, and definition – all for £279.

The FlexStyle is Shark’s first beauty appliance (Picture: Jessica Lindsay)

The rival vacuum manufacturer released its debut beauty product last year, and the FlexStyle has since made its way to the Love Island villa, where islanders have been spotted perfecting their ‘dos.

I was intrigued to see how Shark’s offering measured up against (considerably more expensive) competitors. Is it worth spending more? I tested it out.

The Shark FlexStyle explained

The Shark FlexStyle is a five-in-one multi-styler that promises ‘fast drying speeds’ and ‘no heat damage’, with technology that measures heat 1,000 times per second for optimum temperatures.

Along with the wand itself, it comes with five different attachments: two curling barrels, a paddle brush, an oval brush, and a curl-defining diffuser.

Here’s what comes with the Shark FlexStyle (Picture: Jessica Lindsay)

Using the lock buttons you can change and remove attachments on your FlexStyle, as well as rotating the end of the device 90 degrees to turn it into a hairdryer.

There are three different heat settings and three different power settings to choose from, plus a Cool Shot button you can hold down to set styles with cold air.

The FlexStyle’s barrels harness the Coanda effect to auto-wrap curls for you, switching between the ‘left’ and ‘right’ attachments (recommended for the left/right side of your hair).


From damp hair to messy curls in no time. Big fan of this (and it’s £200 cheaper than the AirWrap!) #sharkflexstyle #hairstyle

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