We sold our belongings to live in a tiny shed — but we’re not roughing it

fin kernohan

The couple spent just $6,500 on a shed-like cabin. (Picture: Fin Kernohan/SWNS)

Fin Kernohan, 44, says she has always had an ‘adventurous spirit.’

As well as being a regular camper, the Thai native has previously lived on a narrowboat and in an attic.

But her biggest adventure to date is falling in love with her husband, John — a 61-year-old from Florida.

After getting married, the pair decided to live ‘off-grid’, in a home powered purely by solar and thermal energy.

But don’t think the pair are roughing it – their chic home includes an outdoor pool, boho interiors and a free standing bath tub.

Fin, who lives in Georgia, USA, said: ‘Every single morning when I get up, I’m like, ‘Man, I am living a dream – this is how I envisioned I’d live my life.’

Small but chic (Picture: Fin Kernohan/SWNS)

The kitchen is outdoors (Picture: Fin Kernohan/SWNS)

After meeting online in 2010, Fin and John struck up a bond despite being 4,000 miles apart. 

Their early days of dating involved traveling back and forth between Miami and London, where Fin lived. Then, they rented a narrowboat to live in England together.

By contrast, when Fin visited John in Miami, they stayed in his sprawling three-bedroom flat.

We could while away a few hours here (Picture: Fin Kernohan / SWNS)

They’ve learnt how to utilise their space (Picture: Fin Kernohan / SWNS)

But it was an off-hand comment that led to their current way of life.

‘We had a joke conversation where she said ‘I don’t know where this relationship is going, but I’m never going to clean this place,’ John recalled.

‘I joked I’d hire a housekeeper – and she responded suggesting getting somewhere smaller.

Enough room for a walk in wardrobe (Picture: Fin Kernohan/SWNS)

‘The seed was planted.’

By 2013, Fin and John had got hitched, and she moved from London to the States. This time, however, Fin convinced her husband to go off-the-grid and live in a remote cabin, telling him: ‘I love the man you are when we’re out in the woods.’

They started out by spending $1,200 (£962) on a block of land before buying their 304sqft cabin, which set them back by $6,500 (£5,214). The couple then spent a further $6,000 (£4,813) getting furniture and electronics for the shed-like structure. 

They sold most of their possessions to pay for the cabin – and the early days of shed living weren’t always easy.

‘When we started out, about six months in, I thought we’d made a mistake because we never had any space,’ John admitted.

But Fin helped him see things differently. ‘She said: ‘if you want space, we have acres and acres out there, go take a walk,’ he added.

’I realised she was right, it’s what you make of the space, not its size – personal space doesn’t have to be a room.

‘If we ever get annoyed at each other, we just get over …read more

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