Wayne Rooney begs Premier League clubs to scrap VAR ahead of pivotal vote

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is very much in favour of binning VAR (Photo: Getty / Sky Sports)

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney is hopeful Premier League clubs will vote to scrap VAR, saying: ‘It’s taken all the enjoyment out of the game.’

On Wednesday, it was was revealed that Wolves had formally called for the removal of the Video Assistant Referee which has been used in England’s top-flight since 2019.

Their proposal will trigger a vote between all 20 Premier League clubs when they meet for their annual gathering on 6 June, with a two-thirds (14-6) majority required to pass.

This was music to the ears of Rooney, who when asked about the upcoming vote on Sky Sports, exclaimed: ‘Please! I don’t like VAR.

‘If it’s there and they get all the decisions right, then fair. But it’s taken all the enjoyment out of the game. You score a goal, and you have to wait to celebrate, the fans have to wait to celebrate.

‘Then they get decisions wrong. You’re better letting the officials ref the game.

‘We’re still getting human error with VAR. Let them do it on the pitch, otherwise it’s taking them minutes and minutes to get to the decision. That’s still a human making that decision.’

Wolves have put forward the proposal to scrap VAR (Photo: Getty)

In their statement, Wolves cited Rooney’s sentiment on ruining goal celebrations as one of the reasons VAR should be discontinued.

Other factors mentioned were that it was ‘undermining the value of the Premier League brand’ and created an ‘erosion of trust and reputation’ which has led to ‘completely nonsensical allegations of corruption’.

‘The strange thing is that we talk about the decisions more than ever now considering this has all been there to try to help the officials,’ fellow pundit and United legend Roy Keane added on the matter.

‘Every weekend we are talking about decisions even more so than back in the day when there was no VAR. I have not been a fan. It does slow the game down. It is frustrating for everyone, for supporters, for the players, and for us.

‘When they do get to the right decision, it just takes so long. We are watching and you can clearly see there is an offside and it just takes so long to make the decision.

‘That is all part of the frustration. And that joy of players scoring goals, it does take away. It is not good.

‘It is interesting. If they want to get rid of VAR, how would the officials feel about it? VAR was supposed to help them but I don’t think it has helped them.

‘I think there is more self-doubt there than anything else. Referees get a hard time. Maybe this will make their lives a little bit easier.’

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