Warning for travellers over new alcohol ban in busy Spanish party spots

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No more of this after 9:30pm(Picture: Shutterstock / zixia)

Brits abroad don’t have the best reputation. But maybe soon that will change.

Over in Spain, some holiday destinations are enforcing a new alcohol ban that prohibits the sale of alcoholic drinks from 9:30pm to 8am the next day.

The late night drinks ban is coming into effect in Llucmajor, Palma, Calvia (Magaluf) in Majorca and Sant Antoni in Ibiza.

The ban means you can’t just stock up on drinks before the curfew and continue drinking through the night, as you won’t be allowed to drink on public roads during these times.

And if you’re thinking ‘fine, I’ll just go to a boat party’, you might have to think again – under a law passed in 2020, party boats are not allowed to operate within one nautical mile of the designated area.

The new crackdowns are in an effort to save the popular resort areas from rowdy behaviour induced by excessive drinking.

The Balearic government is spending £14m to finance the project to improve inspection, safety and awareness of responsible tourism in the areas affected.

The alcohol ban is likely to stick around for some years, with officials saying the law will remain in place until 2027.

It’s hoped the law will change attitudes towards these popular destinations in Spain, which have come to be known as party islands.

Luis Pomar, from the Balearic Islands Tourism Council, told the BBC that he hoped the law would no longer be needed ‘if we instil in people how to behave’.

The resort towns may quieten down completely as the new law means off- licenses may not be open at all.

On a government page, Balearic Island officials said: ‘It should be noted that the correct interpretation of article six regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages implies the total closure of commercial establishments between 9:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day, and not just the closure of alcohol display cases.’

Meaning you might be hard-pressed to find a store that’s open past these times – even if you’re not looking for alcohol.

Bar crawls in the area are also cracked down and tourists who find themselves excessively drunk could be fined €3,000 (£2,600) for antisocial behaviour or ‘causing a public nuisance’.

You’ll be fined for public drinking after 9:30pm (Credits: Reuters)

All-inclusive Spanish resorts are also taking part in the crackdown as drinks will no longer be unlimited.

Alcoholic drinks will be limited to six per person per day as part of their package – three with lunch and three at dinner.

These all inclusive drinks caps have been introduced in El Arenal, Playa de Palma and Magaluf in Majorca, and San Antonio in Ibiza: renowned ‘party areas’ frequented by young visitors.

You are able to pay extra for additional drinks at hotels in these locations, but they need to be purchased separately and won’t come with the all inclusive deal.

So do your research if you’re travelling into these areas.

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