Video: Pig Farmer Wayne Cheney Mollie Tibbetts Interview

Wayne Cheney, an Iowa pig farmer with a history of stalking and harassment arrests, has told the news media that authorities interviewed him about missing college student Mollie Tibbetts.

One of the local television stations – WHO-TV – recorded video of an interview Wayne Cheney gave on Tibbetts. You can watch it here:

And here:

Cheney – who denies having ever met Mollie Tibbetts and who says he has nothing to do with her disappearance – lives in walking distance of pig farms searched by authorities in the disappearance of Tibbetts, the University of Iowa student who vanished in Brooklyn, Iowa, seemingly without a trace.

Authorities have not called Wayne Cheney a suspect. “We continue to look at all possibilities,” said Kevin Winker, of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, on August 3, 2018. “I’m not in a position right now to say we have suspects, we don’t have suspects, persons of interest or anything else.’

On August 5, 2018, the body of a young woman was found in Lee County, Iowa, but authorities said they have no reason to believe it’s Mollie. Searches continue for Mollie, and a reward fund for information leading to her whereabouts now exceeds $260,000.

Here’s what you need to know:

Wayne Cheney Says It’s a Waste of Time for Police to Question Him

Cheney told Iowa news media that authorities had questioned him in the Mollie Tibbetts disappearance but he declared it was all a waste of time.

Cheney told WHO-TV that he was questioned for two hours and didn’t remember what he was asked.

“I just thought it was a waste of time but oh well,” he told the television station, adding, “I don’t know who those two were but they took me down to the fire station Tuesday and questioned me for two hours. I don`t remember what they asked me.”

According to Crime Online, Cheney denied knowing Mollie or having anything to do with her disappearance.

It’s Alleged That Wayne Cheney Won’t Take a Polygraph Test

FacebookMollie Tibbetts.

Fox News reported that Cheney “claimed that law enforcement asked him on Thursday to take a polygraph test but he refused to do so.” He was questioned by authorities for the third time on August 5, 2018, Fox reported.

Cheney’s past criminal history has fallen under scrutiny in the news media.

According to WHO-TV’s exclusive by reporter Justin Surrency, Cheney pleaded guilty in two previous stalking cases. The cases were from 2009 and 2014 and span two counties – Poweshiek and Marion, the television station reported.

One of those cases resulted in a protective order being filed against Cheney, Crime Online reported.

Cheney lives in Deep River, Iowa. UK Daily Mail asked Cheney about his previous arrests and he told the British news site, “I was arrested in 2011 for breaching a restraining order. It was an ex girlfriend. That was the only time.” He lives about 15 miles from Brooklyn, Iowa.

A review by Heavy of Iowa court records shows …read more

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