Vanessa Feltz reveals horror after Russell Brand asked to ‘have it off’ with her daughters live on TV

Vanessa Feltz was stunned by Russell Brand’s comments (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Vanessa Feltz was stunned by Russell Brand’s comments (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Vanessa Feltz has revealed her horror after comedian Russell Brand previously joked on air about sleeping with her daughters.

Speaking for the first time about the controversial actor’s comments, Feltz said she was ‘deeply offended’.

It comes as A-list star, 48, stands accused of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse following a joint investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times, and Channel 4’s Dispatches, allegations he strongly denies. 

Speaking on her TalkTV drivetime show this afternoon, Feltz, 61, said: ‘If this is ok with you, I wouldn’t mind sharing with you a personal reflection on this story?

‘I met Russell Brand when I was a guest on EForum and Big Brother’s Big Mouth – so our career paths crossed quite naturally over the years and on other occasions I met him as a friend, I met him on his shows and one of those occasions was in 2006 when I appeared on his chat show, 1 Leicester Square.’

She then played a clip of the show, in which Brand asks her: ‘Can I have it off with either you or your daughters?’

“I was deeply offended then, as I remain deeply offended now.”

Vanessa Feltz shares a clip showing Russell Brand asking her if he can sleep with her and her daughters on a TV show in 2006.#TalkTV

— TalkTV (@TalkTV) September 18, 2023

To which she quickly replies: ‘No, you may not! No…’

The conversation continues: ‘Or here’s a whacky suggestion…”’

‘Or three at once, no!’, she replies.

‘Damn, she’s always one step ahead. Vanessa Feltz, come on, some of them are adults,’ Brand jokes.

‘I’ve got two daughters and no, the answer is no.’

‘None of them?’, he probes.

Feltz says: ‘Neither. Will you stop it! No, you can’t.’

‘Selfish,’ he declares.

Vanessa says: ‘When you have your own daughters you will know why I said that.’

‘Well, I won’t sleep with them…’, he adds, adopting a silly voice.

Vanessa replies: ‘God, yuck.’

The controversial comedian asked to sleep with her two daughters (Picture: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock)

In the studio today, she added: ‘Yuck, precisely, that’s what I thought then and that’s what I think now.’

She continued: ‘It’s terribly awkward when you are a guest on somebody else’s show, particularly in a theatre, which is full of great fans of the presenter… I was in this unbelievably awkward position where you don’t quite know what to do.

‘Are you meant to think it’s funny and play along? Are you meant to stand up and walk out in high dudgeon and look as if you are a spoil-sport and a party-pooper? What are you supposed to do?’

She went on: ‘I know, I was deeply offended then, as I remain deeply offended now at the idea of him saying, “I want to have sex with you and both your daughters.”

‘I think one of my daughters was 15 years old at the time …read more

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